Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Latest on Sunnyside

The Queens Gazette reports on the Second Sunnyside Gardens Landmarks Meeting Held.

The best part of the article is at the end where they misprint the name of the LPC Chair...

WARNING: The Conley photo is disturbing.

Poor Jeff Kroessler looks like he lost his best friend. Photo from the Queens Chronicle.

Sunnyside Debates Driveways, Democracy

Some Boos for S'side Landmarking


Anonymous said...

It is painful to read this. What did I say? Now ‘it’s in the balance;’ only a few weeks ago, it was a ‘sure thing.’

I have a strong feeling, considering the current climate, their efforts are doomed.

This is "Exhibit A," that given enough resources devoted to disrupting something that the community truly wants, and everyone (even those with agendas) knows is a good thing for them, even good for the surrounding communities, it is nearly impossible for the citizens of any area in Queens to gain control over the destiny of their neighborhood -- that is, unless they want to bulldoze it into oblivion.

Only then will all the politicians show up and all kinds of nice perks are laid at their door.
Only then will the newspapers take pictures and write in glowing terms of the progessive spirit of the community.

Contrast this disaster with the fate of other nearby neighborhoods being destroyed around them as we write this.

Once again, politely sipping tea gets you nowhere. Preservationists take note!

Oh, I hope I am wrong. They are good people undeserving of this treatment.

Anonymous said...

If the old "Sunnyside Garden Arena" were still standing and operating as a boxing venue (on Queens Blvd. in front of the former Bliss Theater ) I would have been glad to buy a ticket for this "Landmarking Fight".

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the preservation community do something useful for a change.

Why don't they invite Conley to come into a community that already enjoys landmark status and explain the same things he tells his community?

Oh no, that would mean they would give us some useful help.

Anonymous said...

Where the hell were all the politicians at this event? Why did they remain silent only to show up in city council to ok landmark designation for other communities?

Perhaps someone could ask them that and you could publish their reaction on the ol Crapper.

Anonymous said...

The silence of the preservation community is the silence of the lambs! Most are impotent followers. They're docile and don't believe in making any waves, just polite ripples. After all, they all have to suck off the same teats for grant money to keep their organizations alive. If one misbehaves, mamma- funding-source pulls her breast from its mouth. Let's face it, they'll always ready to line up for a kick in the ass! That's their nature. If God had not meant for them to be shorn, he would not have made them sheep!

Anonymous said...

I know I really shouldn't ask, but what would you have people do that they are not doing to further this particular fight? I've been on the phone, I've written the papers, I've gone to the meetings. Granted, I'm not moving to Sunnyside Gardens and therefore could be considered an interlopper or carpet-bagger or whatever, but what are you talking about with regard to "silence"?

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is there are groups that are successful in having the city listen to them. They do this by organizing from the grassroots up.

Preservation is in danger. They are getting weaker with each passing day because they organize from the top down.

Anonymous said...

Ok Sunnyside Gardens, does the Queens Ledger reflect what happened that evening and the tenor of the community?

This is your last chance define the field of battle.

Remember in Russia, the Bolsheviks (which means roughly, 'majority') were really a minority, but through the skillful manipulation of propaganda, got the upper hand. Everyone believed they were the sentiment of most of the people.

If you guys insist on following the nicey nicey rulebook the preservation community expects you to follow, you are dead.

End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Simeon,............ ...(Relax. Why so defensive? Don't jump out of your chair! Nobody's suggesting that HDC has not done it's job in this matter. It has!) ......................Silence in this case could refer to the "quietude" of the Sunnyside Foundation on the issue, or a metaphor of greater meaning. Maybe it's the overall impotence of many of Queens' historical organizations, with their frenzied salvos of writing and exchanging polite letters of support for designations. These amount to silence! Their message falls on deaf ears! Perhaps when QHS, BHS, RHS, Cenrtal Queens Historical etc. learn to show their teeth a little, or find new effective ways of fighting, progress will be made. What else should be done in the meantime? Honestly, I'm not sure yet. You and I are both educated and experienced people. Somebody ought to come up with something else that works.

Anonymous said...

Most historical societies are mainly repositories for artifacts. They're not used to being in the trenches up to their elbows in blood! They're Aristocrats not Guerillas!