Friday, January 26, 2007

Tour of the Ridgewood Reservoir

If you have 28 minutes to spare, watch North Shore Magazine's interesting narrated tour of the Brooklyn Waterworks, which starts in Massapequa and ends at the Ridgewood Reservoir:

Brooklyn Water Works: How the Thirsty City of Brooklyn Got Its Water

The Ridgewood Reservoir is to be converted into a public park and nature preserve as per a 2004 announcement by Mayor Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe.


Anonymous said...

So why can't Mayor Mike spare a few nickels from the city's surplus of funds and create a park on the St. Saviour's site? Because he's got Maspeth in mind to be the new city dump! Yeah, we know how that poem goes! "....the huddled masses....."! But our residents are also ".....yearning to breathe free......"! We don't want to be choked by overdevelopment and truck traffic fumes!

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg is not the only one who wants Maspeth buried. Let's not forget our pal on the West Side, Jerrold Nadler, who thinks thousands more trucks per day should plow along the streets of western Queens, along with his failthful sidekick, Anthony Weiner, who represents Maspeth in Congress, yet thinks his constituents sucking in toxic fumes is a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Mayor Mike do this? Because 2004 was before the election and 2007 is during lame duck season.

Anonymous said...

If this was in the center of Queens they would be planning housing.

Why don't they roof over the water and put housing on top?

Anonymous said...

Careful last poster, that developer 'Church' group is looking to proselytize new neighborhoods.

Don't give them ideas.

Anonymous said...

Is that church group that's being talked about so much in Western Queens ( that's defending immigrants' rights) actually, inadvertantly supporting overdevelopment? What kind of deal (if any) might they have been promised????? for indirectly??????or unknowingly?????? condoning the building???? of that "wall of glass" that's been planned for LIC? There are a lot of rumors flying about that need to be aired, clarified and determined to be true or false! A church looking out after unfortunate immigrants is one thing. One that may be in the process of being duped by developers is another matter.