Monday, January 29, 2007

Catering Crap

50-21 69th Street, Woodside. This was a row of small warehouses & auto shops. Soon it will be a behemoth catering hall.
Work is done here on the weekends without a special permit. Also, permits for alterations (ALT1) were applied for and granted by DOB, yet demolition, excavation and the pouring of a new foundation were all conducted here. There is only a small section of the previous building's wall left, incorporated into the new piece of crap.


Anonymous said...

A catering hall? And where is the parking?!?!

Anonymous said...

The "mob" is usually invollved in most catering hall businesses. The DOB and "those boys" often work very well together! Then we have the political "mechanics" who fix or take care of any problems that might arrise!

Anonymous said...

Answer"...... Valet parking on your block! This is illegal, by the way, if the service doesn't have a specific off site destination (garage or parking lot) where they'll put the vehicles. But don't expect any enforcement on this. It's an extremely low priority for the NYPD!

Anonymous said...

Maybe its for immigrants: they don't have cars right?

Fact: they are smart people and know the good schools and better housing is not in ethnic ghettos the machine has provided them.

So....yep, you guessed it. The voters and taxpayers that are living in the surrounding area lose yet another right - on street parking - to benefit those that don't even live here.

And of course, don't have a say in it.