Sunday, January 28, 2007

Nassau could give NYC a lesson in preservation

Our eastern neighbor has come up with a very smart way to preserve green space and curb overdevelopment:

"The county has $100 million in voter-approved funds to spend on land preservation and other environmental projects, and it wants the public to help make a shopping list."

"In all, 260 nominations were received for the 2004 funds and eight open-space parcels, totaling 118 acres, were bought or are being acquired."

Nassau residents asked to nominate parcels, projects for preservation

Kind of like Bloomberg's 2030 initiative, except that in Nassau, it seems to be more than just hype.


Anonymous said...

With NYC's overflowing surplus of money that Emperor Bloomberg has mentioned, we could be buying (via eminent domain at current market rates) important sites that are crucial to preserve for posterity. St. Saviour's, for instance, would be a start and hiring some more staff for the LPC, the kind that "work hard" not public relations "flack-hacks". (By the way, what is Ms. Elisabeth de Bourbon's salary? Did she "eat up" most of the money that was added to LPC's increased budget for hiring more staff this year)?

Anonymous said...

Please, if Bloomberg Le Grande followed Nassau County's move toward preservation, it would send a wrong message to the developers. And if the builders stop raking in all that money, they wont be able to buy any more City Council Members to put in their pockets like loose change. That would be a party-pooper!