Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Borough, part 2

Did you watch yesterday's big speech? Not the one in Washington in prime time. I mean the one at York College. Helen wants you to know that big development projects are still a top priority for her, along with relocating the police academy to Flushing Meadow Park:

Beep urges city to help with crime

Here's more on the speech from the Queens Gazette:

Park Needs Police Presence

Photo from Queens Gazette


Anonymous said...

Nice that she applaudes "adding hundreds of housing units to growing communities".

What infratructure improvements are being made to support these new units? Updates to the electrical grid? Additional Parking? Added capacity on transit routes?

It looks like Helen overlooked a few things. But that's ok, Helen, we'll just deal with these things when they become a crisis, right?

Anonymous said...

So, Beep Marshal is "pimping" for a ferry service between Rockaway and Manhattan, huh? You know what that means! The"Arverne by The Sea" and other planned projects are in trouble if it takes too long for ex-patriot Manhattanites to get to these new "luxury seaside accomodations"! Get ready you natives! The hordes are coming!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely plan! Put a new police academy in Flushing Meadows Park! How much parkland will be left ? Let's see, you've got the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the one next door to the old Louis Armstrong Stadium, Shea Stadium, and (not yet built) City Fields Stadium, #7 train facilities, MTA Bus facilities (I'm getting tired, yawn) yadda, yaahdah, yaaaaaaahdaaaah! why doesn't Beep Marshal stuff it all up her big "caboose"!

Anonymous said...

I had a ticket to attend "The State of the Borough Speech" but I already know what "state" it's in so I tossed them it the garbage! Maybe I should have gone and "heckled" that dope!

Anonymous said...

Still nothing on the racist segregation of poor people on that waterfront development or her touting that slave mistress Queen Catherine.

Do i have a feeling that these would be 2 good topics for the old Crappy to post in honor of Black History month. With the booming traffic everyone is gossiping about on this site, it should get some reaction from her.

Anonymous said...

The Beep will never discuss her "service" to the real estate industry nor her betrayal to her people of Queens! I sincerely hope she's comfortable in her own skin.

Anonymous said...

What? No mention of illegal conversions? It was such a big agenda on the QBP's list.

The problem is solved. We can go about our lives now.

Anonymous said...

Borough presidents are here to "service" not "serve". Look at that "puff-piece" insert that was in the Q. Trib 2 weeks ago, honoring Hellen Marshal for her 35 years of "SERVICE" (To whom???? Mattone ?????, Ciampa????, Hesckel?????....They placed the biggest ads!) ??????? Look at the history of that office! Most of them are crooks! The ones that got caught, that is!

Anonymous said...

How about the Trib with still their breathless tribute to Claire on thier website years after she left office.

Its nice, once you find your favorite year, just to linger there.

Even nicer for a "newspaper" to do that.

Anonymous said...

Well, it seems as Queen Catherine has disappeared down the memory hole having been wiped from the beep's website. At least this year, but she will be back, no doubt!

Someone should tell her that she is giving a thumbs up over Catherine's crown and rose is on that shield.

Take the step, Helen and show everyone you respect the suffering of your people.

What a great thing to announce for black history month: redesigning the flag and shield of Queens to remove these last traces of racism.

Anonymous said...

Betty Boop would make a better Beep!

Anonymous said...

What's that "dinner plate" she's holding out in front? Is she planning to serve up Queens on a platter to her real estate friends! Oh excuse me, it's our boroughs official sea. The one she seals her "deals" with!