Saturday, January 27, 2007

City Coffers Overflowing

Mayor Mike announced that we have a surplus budget exceeding even his expectations due to his strategy to surrender the city to the real estate industry. Photo from NY Sun.

Bloomberg Cautious Even as City Records $3.9B Surplus

With all that extra money, we could buy St. Saviour's, the Klein Farm, give more staff to the LPC, DOB, DPC...oh who are we kidding, those things would benefit Queens and that's not on the agenda!


Anonymous said...

Correction: this would benefit the people of Queens.

He and city council and the NYC government already believe they are doing a great deal for Queens.

Property values are doing nicely, thank you, and those pesky community types are being broken giving free reign to developers to do more 'good.'

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of the "expletive deleteds" I have to come up with to describe the petite Napoleon that we have for a Mayor! We know one thing for sure , he treats us all like Queens crap!

Anonymous said...

Does the term "citizen" exist in the dictionary? Better yet, "Queens?" Reform the DOB, LPC, & allocate funds to seize St. Saviour's and its accompanying parcel via positive Emminent Domain. A financial surplus is superb, but if Queens isn't on the agenda, the funds should be frozen in time. The hell with developers with their violations that outnumber people!

Anonymous said...

Just came across the NYT City section on the millions of dollars flowing into Union Sq, just one park in Manhattan.

Our elected officials and our newspapers are not doing service to Queens unless they highlight this disparity between monies for Manhattan parks, and Queens parks.

Perhaps some study showing the bias on a per-capta basis.

Perhaps some immigrant group can take this up?

Anonymous said...

Why does the press give this guy such a pass? Don't they realize that his 75% favorable rating is because of their doing? They used to pound Giuliani but treat this guy with kid gloves. Do you think he bought off the media?

Anonymous said...

The city toilet of dirty money is overflowing onto the streets! Do we get any? No, just Queens crap overdevelopment!