Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Fun With Public Disclosures

From the Rent Stabilization Association's website:

"The Rent Stabilization Association (RSA) is the largest trade association in New York City representing 25,000 property owners/agents responsible for approximately one million units of housing. RSA's members range from owners of one small building to large multi-family complexes, cooperatives & condominiums. Our broad representation has allowed us to develop a powerful base for our lobbying programs and the resources to provide a wide assortment of products and services to our members. RSA's goal is to revive free enterprise in New York City's housing market and to maintain its economic viability."

These people run the city. Their campaign contributions speak volumes. They know who to target in order to receive the best return on their investment.

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Anonymous said...

Your votes plus real estate $$$$$$ put political candidates into office. We need a lengthening of the time period between the posting of campaign contributions and our day at the polls! That's a needed election reform measure that should be put into effect immediately. Otherwise, how else will we be able to see the whole picture and intelligently sort out the candidates so that we can make the right choices on election day? Not from the media, which is often co-owned or "influenced" by the same politicos that are running for office! Just ask Gary Ackerman about "his" Queens Tribune!