Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pfizer leaving, but still giving back

The NY Times reports on the sad reality that Pfizer is forced to leave Brooklyn, taking 600 jobs with it. However, it is not abandoning the community it first moved into in 1849:

Pfizer’s Birthplace, Soon Without Pfizer

We know many companies have left Queens, but are there any that have continued to do good deeds in the communities they left behind?


Anonymous said...

Could you imagine Hellen Marshal encouraging any give-backs by companies leaving Queens? Stop dreaming! She's too busy with her head so far up the developers' butts that she could become a Proctologist!

Anonymous said...

Old time paternalism is a thing of the past. In Woodhaven, the Grosjean factory, and in College Point, the Poppenhusen rubber factories are two examples that are all but ignored.

Again, Brooklyn is generations, if not permanently ahead, of Queens.

Anonymous said...

"Crooklyn", as it's known, has always posessed greater style! The crooks there at least know (sort of) how to maintain a balance between what to preserve and what to destroy! In Queens, our greedy for power "borough buffoons" (particularly our borough presidents from Manes through Shulman , now Marshal) really don't give a damn for preserving anything that stands in the way of development and filling their pockets with cash! This is the borough of bulldozers !