Monday, January 29, 2007

More on the forced gentrification of LIC

East Coast LIC

"LIC is a community of contrasts and transformation - landmarked brownstone blocks, smokestacks, converted lofts, galleries and waterfront parks - all features that have attracted a growing number of people."

There is one landmarked block in LIC.
The famous smokestacks were dismantled to make way for the yuppie invasion.
There is one waterfront park in LIC that the newcomers might want to venture into, and that is Gantry State Plaza. The others are Socrates Sculpture Park (nestled against a Costco), Rainey Park (surrounded by factories), and Queens Bridge Park (across the street from the projects).
Note the conspicuous absence of people of color on this website. These newcomers are the ones who are supposedly going to "revitalize" Queens and drive out the Archie Bunker culture. Yet they are the types who don't want to mingle amongst people with a variety of backgrounds. At least that's what the marketing seems to be saying.

Fusion LIC

"Just outside Manhattan and far beyond expectations."

TRANSLATION: It's in Queens, so we realize you are expecting it to be a dump. But we added a bunch of bells and whistles and called it "luxury" housing and will convince you that you are smart for paying 845K for a studio apartment when the rest of the borough pays about 1/4 of that for the same thing.

"Breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline."

TRANSLATION: Live here and gaze upon where you really want to be living.

"Floor-to-ceiling sound resistant windows."

TRANSLATION: Perfect for those exhibitionists and attention-seekers who want to show off their collection of expensive toys.

Photo from Curbed.


Anonymous said...

Gantry State Park: oh I remember that place! It was the place that restricted observing the July 4 Celebration a few years ago to all the rich white people in Queens West. A stink was raised in 2006, so they let people in first-come, first-serve. That year.

Anonymous said...

No supermarket, no stores, nothing! New construction is cutting off the views, and you are blocks from the trains.

Oh yes, when the Category 3 hurricane hits you will resemble New Orleans. Look it up. FEMA has maps showing its high danger.

Anonymous said...

It should be renamed "GENTRY STATE PARK"! Imagine using all of those public tax dollars under the guise of creating a public park which they tried to restrict for private use! It seemed that July 4th was the perfect day to promote racism an classism in America!

Anonymous said...

I love when the newspapers crow about thed Suna 'public access job creation project' (sugar coated with the wholesome name 'Silvercup'.

The 'public access' is all of 40 feet wide. What is going to happen with the folks at Queensbridge see the very big fence that will exclude them?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, a narrow public walking path along the water. How nice! I'll bet they put up an electrified fence to keep the common folks out of Queens West!

Anonymous said...

"$845K for a studio apartment..."

Translation: I don't know anything about what I hate so much, or even why I hate it, because I've never been there (there aren't any studio apartments in Fusion - they are all 2 bedrooms and over 1200sqft...) Oh but ps its still all crap. I'd rather have crumbling old buildings with rats and plaques in my neighborhood.