Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Losing more than houses

Another from K.W.:
I shot this picture of a grand old building at Sanford Avenue and 161st, East Flushing (a nexus for Crappenfest activities of late). The first picture I did when they were beginning to strip off the siding in anticipation of the big raze. The previous owners had let the place run down in recent years but in the right hands it had possibilities.
The second picture shows the grand old tree in front of the property that remained there, for a time, after it had been torn down. Not only do we have more and more ugly buildings to look at, but we are quickly losing all of our green spaces, which were preserved by previous generations who were proud to have their property host grass, trees, flowers, birds and other such friendly critters.


Anonymous said...

Call me a racist if you dare, but a lot of the new immigrants who buy new houses hate green and love cement. I won't get into the various nationalities that feel this way. I'll leave that to you readers' observations.

verdi said...

It would be interesting to see an aerial view of Queens from about 25 years ago and compare it with one recently taken. Take both black & white images and "photoshop" in the color green on all the trees. Then we would get a frightening picture of our borough in the process of being defoliated!

Anonymous said...

Funny you should ask. I had the privilege of viewing Queens from advertising blimps since the mid-60's. I have both stills and videos and had several overflights in the mid-80's. This sounds like an interesting project. Perhaps several people could contribute. The compilation could then put on a DVD or CD and sold. The money that we raise could help advertise this website. Let's spread the word. Perhaps we could name it: That Was Then This Is Now... And ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

Anonymous said...

What are you complaining about? The latest is to make 'green' roofs and plan the top of the building as the rec area for the structure.

Anonymous said...

We're talkin' 'bout hundred- year -ole trees fella! The kind that put down roots, not a green roof top wig for the rich folks to run 'round barefoot through after they've "skinny dipped" in their condos' swimmin' pools!

Anonymous said...

What happened to my hometown.
I left in 1965 and it was still a beautiful town with trees and beautiful homes and Northern Blvd.
was American. When did we turn into the Orient. How could anyone let that happen. Didn't they want to come over here and live in America.

It looks like a slum all up and down Northern Blvd and Main St. Is that what people we welcome into the country do?

Oh well, I hope they like it.