Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Dirty Rat

Get this:

A woman was so afraid that her newborn would be bitten by rats in his crib that she took the baby to bed with her to protect him. Unfortunately, she accidentally suffocated him instead.

The building's owner lives in Trump Tower in White Plains and said he didn't know there were rats in his building. The Housing Preservation Department says the building has 378 open violations, including 20 for rodent infestation:

NYC mom, fending off rats, accidentally suffocates baby

The slumlord owner of this building needs to go away for a long, long time.


Anonymous said...

Hundreds of violations?!?!?

There should be a limit 5 or 10.

Maybe our city council can pass a law. Maybe our newspapers can start a campaign.

Naw, everyone is out at some political fund raiser photographing and posing on what passes for celebrities and royalty: politicians, lobbyists, and developers in 'fun raisers.'

We have all seen those pictures. Not a tenement dweller, voter or taxpayer in sight.

Anonymous said...

Let's see, Versailles, the Winter Palance, ... Terrance on the Green, Riccardos, ....

[any other places of splender amid widespread public squalor?]

Anonymous said...

This is enough to make you sick.

It is high time to make a reality version of the movie from the 80's (the name escapes me) where Danny Devito plays a slumlord sentenced by a judge to live in his own building. That movie was a comedy, but this is a real life horror story.

Anonymous said...

Our city council can't even pass wind properly, let alone laws! There should be a "3 strikes and your out" policy when it comes to dealing with slumlords! Seize some of their assets. Then they'll get the message!