Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A beautiful old house and fountain on an oversized property were replaced with these ugly houses possessing neither style nor design and now - well, the photo speaks for itself. Graffiti on an ugly wooden fence that obscures one side of the sidewalk arch is never cleaned and a chain-link piece of fence at the corner adds extra "bling." This property is located at 65th Place and Jay Avenue in Maspeth and curbs along both sides of it are bus stops, so there is no parking for the many cars that belong to the people now residing in the 4+ dwellings. Notice how the boring blond brick contrasts with the tasteful brick design of the adjacent rowhouses.


verdi said...

The intrusion of a "monster" like this one on a key corner property, violates the entire street-scape. What formerly served as a visual "oasis" and had set up the framing for the sightlines of a charming block, has been destroyed! It looks as if a "military bunker" or "block house" on a fort has been built here with the purpose of protecting the builder's interests to aquire the rest of the block. I guess he hopes that enough people will get disgusted by the new "eyesore" that they'll put up their houses for sale! Yeah, put up a fort and drive out the "Indians" just like the "colonizers" did in the old days!

Anonymous said...

Ever notice the cheap materials used today do not hold up over time? All that metal will be rusting in three or four years.

After the building is worn out (say in 30 or so years) then he can knock it down. By then the owners of the surrounding properties will be frustrated by the tumbledown dorm next door and sell out. Their homes will be pulled down and he build twice as high.

This is more fun than Monopoly!!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that the right hand part of the "arch" is not actually on private property, but is in fact on city property. Too many homeowners and builders are placing their fences, whether they be vinyl, chain link, masonry or wooden F-Troop stockade, on public property.

The agency responsible for policing this, the Department of Transportation, Sidewalk Division, turns a blind eye to this, even when they're notified in writing about these blatant violators. Just wait till one of these fences falls and hurts someone and the city is sued because it was on public property.


Anonymous said...

Isn't Queens overdeveloped and overcrowded enough yet !!?? Whose idea was it to turn Queens into Manhattan II.
Enough already Bloomberg ! Leave our neighborhoods alone. Stop the building !!!

faster340 said...

Monster is right. I live up the block on Jay Avenue from this piece of crap! Believe it is uglier in person than on the web... You should have seen the property before. It was nice...

And as the building is garbage so are some of the people that are living there. There have been overdoses 2x, the polices are there quite often and there is garbage all over.

Well garbage built, garbage moved in!!!!!

RSM on Jay Avenue