Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Builder not giving up on glass tower plan

The NY Sun says it's back to the drawing board for Aby Rosen:
A Pledge To ‘Completely' Alter 980 Madison Plan


Anonymous said...

He'll alter it by moving the project to Queens where Hellen Marshal can "spearhead" for its approval! Then LPC, in this particular scenario, will give it a rousing "thumbs-up"! It's perfectly suited to be situated right next to the old Jamaica courthouse's new "glass wall" building that our Beep is so fond of!

Anonymous said...

Well I guess the ‘Queens Congregations United for Action’ with their mysterious thousands of dollars in donations and unexcelled access to the corridors of power may have read my earlier post. Go guys, go! The East Side is the most needy when it comes to affordable housing. (BTW, if they have all that money, why don't they use it to fix up their churches?)