Saturday, January 20, 2007

Fabian Flophouse

Next door to yesterday's debacle, at 69-40 Juniper Valley Road, we have a 16-unit condominium which replaced a beautiful old Victorian home. Henry Fabian, who demolished the Morrell House, also is responsible for this one. His plans called for a 12 car garage and 6 open on-site parking spaces. Do you see any? He also used that old trick of claiming a community facility at the ground floor. Middle Village doesn't have as many medical professionals as developers seem to want to accommodate in order to be able to build bigger.

The mangled mess of wires and pipes certainly is noticeable, however.

It's doubtful that QC readers will be shocked to learn that Mr. Fabian has donated money to Councilman Dennis Gallagher, Councilwoman Melinda Katz and former Councilmen Thomas Ognibene and Peter Vallone, Sr.


Anonymous said...

Lets start a campaign that every politician that recieves money from developers recuse themselves from city council votes on development. Conflict of interest between the donor and the community!

Anonymous said...

Just how long will that trim hold up to weather? Sunlight will fade it and ice will crack it.

In a few years it will be a peeling mess.

Anonymous said...

As an anonymous contributer of info which led to the downfall of some "biggies", I suggest that if anyone out there knows about any "dubious" campaign contributions to local City Councilmembers, State Assemblymen & Senators etc. that you contact your local DOI, FBI, ICE , etc. people. You never know when your sliver of information can be pieced together with other slivers contributed by your fellow citizens which might complete the picture and bring down some crooks! P.S. the IRS will actually give you a reward (a sizeable % of what's recovered) in case the situation involves tax evasion. Remember Al Capone was brought down on that one!