Saturday, January 20, 2007

Huanging Out

We're revisiting the Huang House on Maspeth's Mazeau Street one more time. The Huangs keep their properties very tidy.

You've seen quite a bit of the front. Now how about the back? QC would love to see a copy of these plans. Since they were shut down for not following the ones they filed, maybe the contractor was just playing it by ear.


Anonymous said...

Is that buulding L-shaped to encroach on the next property?
A clever way to cram in more illegal living space, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

This property is just as "dirty" as the Queens political machine (particularly in Flushing) that allowed Tommy Huang free access to our borough (while feigning attemps to stop him). Former Beep Claire Shulman (and her Deputy Beep Peter Magnani) were often heard saying things such as (with regard to the Landmark RKO Keith's Theatre that Huang destroyed), "......There's little we can do about this? He pays his taxes on the building.......", yadda, yadda, yadda! Are you going to believe that they were really this powerless? We doubt it! Yeah, politicians really "try very hard" to go after these types of crooks which are often the very same ones that gave them the money they needed to get elected and re-elected!

Anonymous said...

Note to the neighbors:

Get in touch with the newspapers. Send them texts and pictures.

Then report back to this board if they covered this.

If not, report back to this board what they thought was more important to cover that week.