Monday, January 22, 2007

A Man Who Talks Sense

From the Sunday Daily News' Voice of the People section:

Going to town

Bellerose Manor: While Con Ed certainly cannot be held blameless, the real reason the electrical system failed is the extreme overbuilding that's been allowed in Queens for the past decade. Singe-family homes are bought by developers and torn down to make room for several two- or three-family homes - there are now nine families where there used to be one. Multiply that by several thousand, and that's why there's such a drain on our electrical infrastructure.

Rick Duskiewicz
Creedmoor Civic Association


Anonymous said...

That is the biggest concern about the growth in North Flushing where John Liu is having a field day seeing his developer buddies removing single family homes at an alarming rate and replacing them with apartment buildings. It's insane! There is no regard for the infrastructure. Where is the planning for electrical needs, water needs, roads, stores, schools, and on and on? Well, at least we know that John Liu's $ 1 million+ campaign is not from the little guy. What do you think he will run for? Shouldn't it really be from?

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone from Queens who has the balls to think on his own without mouthing the party line!

Now, of course, for his trouble, it is open season on him.

We can now call him a bigot, a racist, a troublemaker, blah blah blah ....

Anonymous said...

I think you are living in a fantasy world if you think John Liu is not a puppet to the existing Democratic machine of Queens County. He is constantly and consistently mouthing the party line and is being groomed by them for higher office. Don't you see the strings?

As for being a racist, he has done nothing to assimilate the new Asian community into the existing population. However, he constantly appears on local and nation television to espouse Asian causes, even if he has no expertise in the subject being discussed.

A good example is his recent appearance on CNN where he was asked to comment on the trend by Asian women to have their eyes altered to give them a more western appearance. Why is he not speaking out about overdevelopment? Is it because the developers are primarily Asian? Wake up before it is too late!

Anonymous said...

Please don't insult my powers of observation. By statistics presented (I believe at a 109th Pct. community council meeting) 18 years ago there existed (in the vicinity of the 109th) approximately 40 houses of prostitution (almost all of which served the Asian trade). How many more of them are there now? What is John Liu doing about them? Why, he's asking Albany to pass laws to stop sex-trade and human trafficking! I guess that's something else he's not doing anything about. Maybe he's a "regular" at these brothels and doesn't want to see them close. Then there's the sticky question, if any body at the 109th Pct. gets any "favors" there either for looking the "other way" !