Friday, January 26, 2007

NYPD & DOB: Working Together

Last week in Middle Village, there was a meeting to discuss how the DOB is working with the NYPD to enforce stop work orders:

Residents: Lots Of Talk, Little Action On Buildings

Policing Development: DOB to Travel with NYC Sheriffs

104th cracks down on illegal building

Will this new tactic work any better? Crappy isn't holding his breath.

Photo from Queens Chronicle.


Anonymous said...

I hope that the sheriffs that DOB is going to use for enforcement don't turn out to be like the "Sheriff of Nottingham" (that famous crook of the "Robin Hood" story fame)!

Anonymous said...

I think that DOB really means "Department of Bribes".

Anonymous said...

I just heard that a Mr. Leonard, a previous Supt. of the DOB is hiding out?????? somewhere in the Rockaways, trying to make a new life for himself ?????after the DOB scandals debacle under Mayor Giulliani. Is that true? He was seen at a meeting there recently!

Anonymous said...

Scandals and bribery have plagued the DOB way back to the days of the famous Knapp Commission! NYC Cops were the ones who used to enforce building codes. But they were found to be taking bribes so policing was placed in the hands of the building department's inspectors! Then they took the bribes! Now they've got the sheriffs on their side. What do you think will happen next? Where there's a lot of money being made , there's bound to be a crook lurking around looking for his cut! The whole structure of how the DOB operates has got to be revamped. It's too ripe with the seeds of corruption!