Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Quinn Hearing Tonight

Looks like tonight's hearing on budget priorities was changed to a more publicly accessible location. Could it be that City Hall reads Queens Crap?

Tuesday, January 30th
Event Time: 7:00pm
York College Performing Arts Center
Little Theater
94-45 Guy R. Brewer Boulevard
Jamaica, New York

Did any civic groups receive notification of this? Mine didn't. I guess there are some people they just would rather not hear from.


Anonymous said...

Of course not Crapper! They don't want people who actually care about things like overdevelopment, lack of landmarks, and the like to show up at these things. They would rather have the PTA moms and grannies come out for photo ops.

Anonymous said...

True! When somebody celebrates their 100th birthday they're paraded out to enhance the photo op of some crooked politico! But if a 160 year old house is in jeopardy, the only photo you'll ever see published is the one that accompanies a news article on its demolition by a greedy builder! There ain't no respect!

Anonymous said...

The Speaker of the Council speaks mainly for developers! She wears earplugs so as not to be disturbed by complaints from the constituency!