Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Manhattan Gets Outraged, Queens Gets Ignored

Check this out, especially these gems:

"The opponents include not only neighborhood activists but nearly every local elected official, the pro-development Bloomberg administration and the owner of the penthouse next door..."

"Last year, the city declared the building a landmark, an example of the French Renaissance Revival style. It now plans to change the zoning to eliminate most development options."

Here's where these quotes came from:
In East Village, No End Is Seen in War Over a Building

Nice what this administration does for Manhattan, isn't it? In Queens, we get, "If we crack down on all the illegal apartments then where will all those people go?" or "There's nothing we can do" or "We don't have enough staff" or "It's as of right!"


Anonymous said...

Manhattan is "Bloomberg Country" and Bloomie takes care of his own (rich friends and borough) when it comes to Landmarking. No "Fedders Houses" in his backyard....only the best! Bloomie to Queens: "DROP DEAD"!

verdi said...

Keep on building all those cheap barracks in our borough. I guess that sub-standard housing is good enough for immigrants! They don't need much police protection either. Only the "better off" places get that! Hey, what about our overcrowded classrooms? Don't we need some new schools, or do you think we can squeeze in a few hundred more Sardines in each can? And electrical power , during those hot summer months, I guess we'll have enough so we aren't supposed to worry! Who are you all kidding? If you think that Queens is going to take this kind of treatment lying down, think again! Our per-capita contribution and voting power in NYC is enough to kick ass! The borough is just about waking up!

Anonymous said...

This website is great.

Now we can see that the Manhattan people are being treated as special people while in Queens we were being laughed by our politicians, their handmaidens in the press, and sadly, by our fellow preservationists when we asked them for help.

We can also see that all along they were stringing us along sending us on fool's errands. At no time did they ever have any intention of ever helping us.

Now we can see the truth. My friends, there will be hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

God bless the child who's got his own! Well, Bloomberg's "got his own".....a posh townhouse in Manhattan....of course! He prefers to live there as opposed to the official residence at Gracie Mansion, I understand. What ultimate snobbery and contempt on his part for all New Yorkers! We give him a nice house to live in with city servants and what does he do.... he snubs us all! It's to show us, once again, that "he's got his own" (he doesn't need anybody)....he's a self made man living in his well-appointed private hunting lodge or palace! Like the 19th Century "robber-barons" this diminuative (5' 7 1/2") soul wields his enormous power using the real estate moguls as his men-at-arms! It actally sounds more Medieval, doesn't it? Well, the guy that you pay "rent" to (another middle ages term) is called the "landlord" (also a middle or is it a dark ages term). That leaves one class of people left in us "renters" the "serfs"! (Oh, pardon me, the "Knights" own condos!) No,we do not work his Lordshop's land as farmers. We're just the work-a-day stiffs who do what we all can to put food on the table and stay alive each day! So what has really changed in a few hundred years? Oh, now maybe we can go to see a Mets game! You know, I just had an idea. The Mayor ought to have to live in the borough that gave him the majority of the votes that he needed to win the election. Who knows it might have been Queens.Imagine "Bloomie" being forced to live in Queens in a Mc Mansion! Or else, perhaps, a traveling residency (6 months in the Bronx then 6 months in Brooklyn.....you get the idea)! What do you think? Sound good? Let him get a real taste (and 'Smell") of the real city! Boy would things change quick!