Sunday, April 1, 2012

St. Vincent's going condo

From the Real Deal:

The New York City Council voted to approve the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure actions required to move forward on Rudin Management’s residential development at the site of the former St. Vincent’s hospital in the West Village, according to a statement today from Rudin.

The City Council indicated to The Real Deal in an email that the final approval vote was 49 to 1.

The City Council’s decision will be final “unless the Mayor elects to veto a Council action within five days of the vote,” a spokesperson for the City Council said. But also, the Council could override a potential veto within 10 days with a two-thirds majority.

The agreement includes a “number of modifications” secured by City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, the statement said. Previous reports, indicate that those concessions included a reduction of the number of units planned, from 450 to 350, and donations from Rudin of $1 million to arts programs for local schools P.S. 41, P.S. 3 and the Foundling School, and $1 million to MFY Legal Services, a non-profit that advocates for affordable housing.

Who needs health care?


Gary the Agnostic said...

It would be more shocking if it was restored as a hospital.

Anonymous said...

One million to local schools but no mention of what was paid for the site. A giveaway for sure.

Anonymous said...

Quinn should have fought for the Hospital to remain open - no excuses and no claiming concessions. AND don't bother running for Mayor - it won't be successful.

sick of the shady system said...

Hospital condo...
now there's an idea!

Maybe we should all buy condo hospital beds so we won't be shut out if we need a hospital stay.

Anonymous said...

One million for a scam agency that it's not clear to me who it actually serves. they must be in bed w/ the lawyers for the Condo. I smell Arthur Schwartz, the Judas who tried to come off as Jesus.

rot in hell Arthur Schwartz, Esq.

Anonymous said...

how do you people still live up there ?