Thursday, April 26, 2012

Pols outraged over, but not the Trib

From CBS New York:

Lawmakers held an emotional hearing Wednesday, calling on Village Voice Media to shut down the adult section of its classifieds website.

City Council members choked back tears as a girl named “Briana,” now 13, testified from behind a screen. She described her ordeal as a 12-year-old sex slave being advertised on Backpage by her friend’s brother.

Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras’ voice grew loud as the attorney for Village Voice Media testified that keeping the site up helped identify missing and exploited children.

“You’re making a profit off these pimps putting these girls on your website,” Ferreras said.

The Gateways Progam’s director even testified Wednesday that 75 percent of the young women in the program have been trafficked on Backpage.

Brooklyn DA Charles “Joe” Hynes also testified that 70 percent of his sex trafficking cases come from Backpage.

Why wasn't the Queens Tribune put on the hot seat at the hearing? Could it be because all the pols on the council kiss Schenkler's ass in return for endorsements and positive coverage? Or because the tweeders hire Multimedia for their campaigns?


georgetheatheist said...

The answer to your questions, Crapper, may be given this afternoon when Assemblywoman Meng and Ann Jawin appear at a press conference outside Queens Borough Hall. 3PM. Topic: Sex-trafficking.

Stay tuned, folks.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Where's the piss and vinegar outrage of Queens residents?

In deep rem sleep, I suppose.

They should be out there picketing the Jawin fete.

I'll spring for the torches and pitchforks.

Anonymous said...

Why should pols be outraged over the Q Trib's "massage parlor" advertising?

Those who aren't using the Parkside Group are using Multi Media as their political consultants.

In addition to making whore ad mega bucks...Michael Nussbaum probably gets some "massagee" perks from those lovely Asian babes pictured on the back pages of his news rag.

And can you just visualize Mike Schenkler...lying on his back as naked as beached whale...being serviced?

Of course Ackerman gets his "ladies" delivered to his door.

Anonymous said...

Deep "rem" sleep? More like deep "DEM" sleep.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Halloran hasn't gone after the Tribune's whore advertising, especially because of the biased way they promoted Kevin Kim against him. Doesn't matter if he likes or dislikes the ads, it could have just been payback.

Anonymous said...

The Voice and The Spa's are all involved in the same game! Why is one exempt from public outrage and the other is not. Shut down the Voice, then shut down the Spas.

Anonymous said...

It's the internet combined with the sex trade. Does anyone really think they can make either go away? If you shut down backpage, 'frontpage' or 'sidepage' or 'gregslist' will quickly take its place.

Anonymous said...

The reason that the Trib is ignored is that its in Queens.

NYC is basically four boroughs that are trying to move forward, and Queens that is, well, Queens.

As far as everyone else is concerned, its a no go zone.

As I understand it, if we are cut off and clueless it means more goodies for everyone else. After all, if you try to raise the bar here, everyone will take a cue from the benevolent dispensers of ice cream and snatch inertia from the jaws of victory.

After Queens legendary pitchfork and torch crowd works you over, the body (if found) will be face down in Newtown Creek.

In other words, don't go where angels fear to tread - don't waste your time getting involved.

In Queens, if something is to be cleaned up or improved, the politicians will let everyone know that its okay.

Anonymous said...

did the Queens dems. hand out free condoms at the 3PM Queens Boro Hall press conference ?

were the condoms made in China (communist) ? with the GM cadillacs ?

Helen said...

The Flushing Phantom ~ Not all of us can take time off from a private "sector" job to protest the way union members can.