Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Meng will keep cash from dad's shady pal

From the Daily News:

A congressional hopeful accepted a $300 campaign contribution from a family friend whose fundraising shenanigans tarnished her father’s political career.

Assemblywoman Grace Meng, running in a Democratic primary in the re-drawn 6th Congressional District in Queens, accepted the contribution from her father’s one-time administrative aide, Simon Ting.

“We appreciate the opportunity to discuss this $300 contribution, received just a few days after Assemblywoman Meng announced her campaign and given by an old friend of her father’s, but will not be returning it,” said Michael Tobman for Meng’s campaign.

Ting pled guilty in 2007 to a misdemeanor charge of attempted offering of a false instrument for fabricating 36 voter registration forms with incorrect addresses in Jimmy Meng’s successful 2004 Assembly race. He was sentenced to a $500 fine.

Ting had written in his own address or that of a bookstore owned by Jimmy Meng on the fraudulent voter forms, the District Attorney’s office stated.

Queens DA Richard Brown’s office said at the time that the forms had no bearing on the elder Meng’s 2004 win and that they believed Ting acted alone.

However, Jimmy Meng did not run for re-election, citing health concerns, and Ting was charged a couple weeks after the elder Meng’s term ended.


Anonymous said...

where is obama's A.G. ,Eric Holder from e.elmhurst ,when the election process is being destroyed by democrat corruption ?

Anonymous said...

Did the loot originate from Ting's tong...then passed through Jimmy Meng's secret society?

Now the money falls into Gracie's pocket and this gangster's daughter is on the primary ballot for a congressional run.

If Grace should win the Democratic primary, then I might even consider voting for Dan Halloran.

An odd ball is better than having an Oriental crook in Congress, whose main interest is representing only her Taiwanese constituents.

Anonymous said...

She was running her dad's campaign, but Simon took the fall.

Anonymous said...

Why not just deed America
over to China (for a good price) and be done with it, already?

Then we can all go to Mount Vernon and piss on Washington's
to celebrate.

Maybe the Chinese will open up a posh mah jong casino at Monticello.

Jefferson wouldn't mind.
He was a wiz at playing Whist.

Anonymous said...

Is there a single Asian who isn't involved in fraud????

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me. The DA'S office said Meng sr. had nothing to do with ting's illegal activities?! Give us a break.

Jimmy Meng resigned only after his campaign was being investigated.He cited "back problems" and the "long commute to Albany" as a reason for his speedy resignation. But a more accurate and honest reason was more like background problems if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

Anon No. 5:

Most of them. They're the ones not running for office.

Anonymous said...

Last year around this time I called Mengs office begging for help for a 16 yr old girl that was working at a Massage Parlor on Main street and NO ONE AT MENGS OFFICE WOULD HELP !!! Thanks to Crappy and a friend this Child got Help. And now this Bitch is being honored ? Disgraceful ;-(

Anonymous said...

RU kidding?
Most of the Oriental staffers in Meng's office don't seem to understand English.

Her gangster dad's tong probably has a share in the sex industry.

More fuck...
more bucks for running political campaigns.

Then you send daughter Grace to law school so she can learn how to skate the law.

How cozy!