Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cars being torched in Bayside

From Bayside Patch:

Fire officials are calling the burning of two parked vehicles just after midnight on Sunday "suspicious."

One Acura and one BMW caught fire while parked near Fort Totten, and were reported at around 12:15 a.m., according to an FDNY official.

A spokesman said it was unusual for parked cars to simply overheat and combust on their own, noting that fire marshals are likely to investigate what caused the flames.

"If there’s nobody driving the car to overheat it, than that would be suspicious," said an FDNY spokesman, who added, "It wouldn’t be a normal way for car to catch on fire."

A witness who lives near 15-42 216th Street, and 15-9 215th Street, where the two cars were situated around the block from one another, believes they were purposely set ablaze.


Anonymous said...

not far from FDNY headquarters
at Ft. Totten.

Could the perp (or perps) have a grudge against fire fighters...torching cars not far from their front door?

Anonymous said...

1 of the owners can't pay his job.the other guy was parked in the wrongplace,wrong time.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was the crazy Glen Oaks squirrels.