Monday, April 30, 2012

Union tent city in Woodside

From NBC NY:

Hundreds of job seekers have camped out on a Queens street for their chance to apply for recently-opened union positions.

About 500 people are gathered around the training offices of Local Union 46, the union representing metallic lathers and reinforcing ironworkers, to hand in their applications on Monday.

People started arriving at the offices in Woodside after the State Department of Labor and the union announced they were looking to hire iron and wood apprentices for 50 positions.

The first person in line arrived last Sunday.

The line wraps around the entire block, with job hopefuls wrapped in blankets and sleeping in tents. Many people in line aren't working, or want the benefits of a union position.

One applicant told NBC 4 New York he came from Phoenix, Arizona for his chance to hand in the application.


Anonymous said...

is it true that the NYC overall unemployment rate is now 9.5% ? in the Bronx 10.5%. ?

in Spain 25% and N.Dakota ,where shale oil fracking is being done on private property 4% ?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but you'd have to live in N. Dakota, and your kids'll have to the water there too.

See ya, and good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

The "fracking causes pollution" lie got started when people sampled water from sites already known to be polluted before any fracking commenced.

Anonymous said...

Then you go drink the water
"frack face".

Light a match near an open faucet in some areas of Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

some areas of Pa. has had ground water that you could light a match with. long before the" new" hydraulic fracturing technique was developed.

i am 77 years old and lived as a teen in Pa.we did it in the 40's.

your "proof" is a scare tactic and counter productive.

Anonymous said...

I have't seen so many white english speaking union guys in Woodside in 20 years.