Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Open letter to Ann Jawin

Courtesy of GeorgetheAtheist's blog:

Dear Ms Jawin:

Next Saturday, April 28, 2012, your esteemed organization, the Center for the Women of New York will be honoring Assemblywoman Grace Meng at the Douglaston Manor with one of your "Women in Leadership" Awards. As you are well aware, Assemblywoman Meng has employed as a campaign consultant in her race for the United State House of Representatives, the Multi Media consulting firm headed by the long time Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune, Michael Nussbaum. Multi Media shares the same premises with the Queens Tribune. As you are further aware, the Queens Tribune is notorious for having published and continuing to publish demeaning-to-women sex-trafficking classified ads in its back pages. How can your organization, a champion of women's rights, in good faith laud Ms Meng by presenting her an award when she is indirectly promoting this degradation of women through her affiliation with Multi Media? Your organization states that you are "Honoring women . . . who are committed to women's rights . . ." It makes absolutely no sense. Assemblywoman Meng's relationship to Multi Media is a commitment to women's rights? Is this a joke? Your public reply would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, GeorgetheAtheist


Anonymous said...

Right on target!!!

Kimon said...

Ed Braunstein got the Good Guy award. Probably for patronizing the rub n tug joint on Bell.

Anonymous said...

"Not Quite a Teen, Yet Sold for Sex", by Nicholas D. Kristoff, The New York Times, April 18, 2012

Anonymous said...

go ...vintage george...bob grant fan....

Anonymous said...

Thanks George !

Anonymous said...

I dropped reading the Tribune for many reasons and this issue is a blatant one for the Tribune. They have a lot of moxie featuring local women (explioting) as models. It always seems overly so and for this type of paper - a community one it seemed very seedy as to the pictures they published.

Anonymous said...

Ann Jawin is one of those
perennial old battle axes...
frequently observed doddering around at Democratic clubhouse functions...sucking up to any power broker she could manage to find at a political event.

She's up the party's ass.
So in return, her organization got their digs at Fort Totten.

Mediocrity gets rewarded by the county's mediocre.

Anonymous said...

Her organization is a phony as she is.

She just wants to continue collecting her salary from it.

Anonymous said...

Jawin was obviously strong armed in honoring Meng by the county organization.

Failure to comply would result in her organization losing funding and her being bumped from it.

Everybody's really going out to support a gangster's daughter for Congress.

Grace's father, Jimmy Meng, must have promised a lot of laundered money to a lot of crooked pols.

Anonymous said...

If Meng is elected she'll wind up being Ackerman's "front man" in Congress.

There's too much federal "heat" on Gary's ass these days...
so he's smartly retiring from the spotlight.

Gary will remain Grace's puppeteer.

Anonymous said...

I hope you used your real full name in the letter.

A. Hoor said...

I got MY job through the Queens Tribune!!! What's it to ya?

Anonymous said...

Hey, leave Grace Meng alone. She's a very smart woman. She graduated from Stuyvesant High School.

The Center for the Women of New York said...

One hand washes the other.

Don't you folks see the logic here?. The Meng/Tribune pimps beat the women up and steal their money and then the women come to us for help in Fort Totten.

A rising tide lifts all the boats.

Anonymous said...

Not all sex workers are victims of sex trafficking. To call these "sex trafficking classified ads" is inaccurate hyperbole.

Queens Crapper said...

Which ones aren't?

georgetheatheist said...

Just curious.

From the newspaper CHINA Daily, "First Asian American in the NY State Assembly":

"[Jimmy] Meng, 60, has lived in Flushing with his wife and three children for more than 25 years. He owns the Queens Lumber Company and the Chung Hwa Book Co. in downtown Flushing...'I am a Catholic, and I like to help people,' Meng told a group of journalists outside the Flushing polling station yesterday."

So, Jimmy Meng is a Catholic. His 3 kids were baptized? They're practicing Catholics?

Assemblywoman Meng, one of his children, goes to church on Sunday? She kneels and prays for forgiveness in promoting prostitution and sex-trafficking?

Just curious.

Auntie Invasion said...

all non profits are money laundering operations. how do I get in on the ground floor? hiring any women at the whatya callit? the women's room scam you got going on Ann?

Anonymous said...

"Which ones aren't?"
I don't know, and neither do you or George the Atheist.

What I do know is there is enough money to be made in the sex business that plenty of women choose this line of work and continue in it willingly. Are there women who are enslaved and forced to work against their will? Yes. Does that mean all sex workers are forced to work against their will? No.

Women who choose to work for an agency are not "trafficked".

Queens Crapper said...

So if we know that there are women being trafficked, we should be against this industry. Or do you not care so long as you are able to get it when you want it?

Anonymous said...

"Ann Jawin"?

Ann JAWIN' would be a more appropriate spelling.


For IMMEDIATE release.

We have the pleasure of adding to our CWNY list of "Good Guy" Award recipients - Men who support our efforts and share our goal of achieving equal rights for women. In addition to Messrs. Braunstein, Kaufman, Papert and Clague, we have the honor of including

Michael Nussbaum, the venerable Associate Publisher of the Queens Tribune and distinguished CEO of Multi Media Political Consultation.

John from Conn said...

Great job on this scoop George and Crapper...The hypocrisy involved here is shocking.

But, the only way Jawin will respond to this publicly is if she is peppered with emails and calls from readers of this blog...

Her Email is:
Her Phone number is:

Contact them right now as I have done. This Dinner for the 25th Anniversary of the Center for the Women of New York, is actually a pretty Big Deal. It is this Saturday the 28th and the star honoree is Matilda Cuomo, NY State Governor Andrew Cuomo's mother and wife of former Governor Mario Cuomo. And I'd love to see Jawin hand a plaque to Meng for her "commitment to women's rights"...LOL and the BS speechmaking that goes with it....even though she has been contacted and is now aware of this truth!

Anonymous said...

It's long been whispered around town that Jimmy Meng has ties with the Asian underworld...
and that his daughter Grace will represent her own kind if she gets elected to Congress.

That means you've got to be of Taiwanese origin to get the full treatment.

Mainland Chinese have been complaing for years that Grace hasn't represented them very well.

Anonymous said...

"Jaw-bon" Jawin!

She sure talks a hot game but what has she delivered besides a fat paycheck for herself via her organization?

There are already a myriad of redundant "woman's rights groups"
in existence.

Why the hell do we also "need" hers?

Ann Jawin once ran for political office.

She lost but rebounded by setting up a cozy little situation for herself...a woman's organization.

Her group was even headquartered in Queens Borough Hall.

Highly suspect...
need we say any more?

georgetheatheist said...
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Jimmy Meng said...

My business sells wood. I make Flushing beautiful with new buildings.

Helen said...

Mr. Q.C. and Georgetheatheist ~

Thanks for exposing these women-haters. These "catholics" (including the Cuomos) have a lot of explaining to do.

georgetheatheist said...

CC: To the readers of Queens Crap (for their information)

To: centerwny@yahoo.com
Subject: Grace Meng
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 09:43:17 -0400

Dear Ms Jawin:

In a a little more than 72 hours, 3 days, you will be at a podium for your celebratory 25th Anniversary luncheon. Matilda Cuomo and other dignitaries will be in attendance. You will be presenting to Assemblywoman Meng a plaque honoring her for her "commitment to women's rights". Words of gratitude will be exchanged between the 2 of you and introductory remarks and a speech will be given. You know this will be hypocrisy of the highest order.

As you are well aware, Assemblywoman Meng is not committed to those rights. This is the plain truth and simple fact. As of this writing she has not terminated the services of Michael Nussbaum. Her offices have been made aware of this issue via email and phone call.

Ms Jawin, have your organization stand for something. Be able to look yourself in the mirror. Champion in deed and action those unfortunate women enslaved in the pernicious practice of prostitution and sex-trafficking in our beloved borough..

Disinvite Assemblywoman Meng. You know it is the right thing to do.


Anonymous said...

thanks George! How about a call to close the government money pipeline to Jawin and audit her women's group? It's only hot air for media whores.

georgetheatheist said...

Helen: One thing bothers me about this whole business.

Where are the women of this borough and elsewhere protesting these Tribune sex ads?

Crapper and I, men, have been hollering about this on this site about the Queens Tribune and Michael Nussbaum for over 5 years. We have to do all the heavy lifting.

Where is the Sisterhood?

Jawin's first line on the CWNY's home page states "...the Center has shown that women working together can be an effective force."


Wouldn't it be great if Jawin's women honorees -Cuomo, Nolan,Crowley, Glover, Greene, Roth and Sutera would finally take a stand and get some action done.

Anonymous said...

are the Queens dem. politicians A.W.O.L. on this subject /
where are the photo ops on this ?

or are they beholden to the Trib?

Anonymous said...

political consultants;
news-rag publishers; some (very profitable) not-for-profits:

They're all feeding
from the same money trough!

Asiatic countries fill up
the feed bags from time to time.

Added to this messy pig sty...
our spineless Queens' citizens
don't want to make any waves.

They are very much afraid of the same elected officials they voted into office.

Instead of busying themselves pulling up crab grass...
they should be weeding out some crooked pols.