Sunday, April 22, 2012

Abandoned complex in Hollis

From the Daily News:

Next to the scores of children enjoying recess at Renaissance Middle School’s playground is a brick wasteland that stretches for two blocks in Hollis.

In most of the dilapidated buildings — on one side of Hollis Ave. between 202nd St. and 204th St. — the windows are boarded up, shattered or cracked. Some have crumbling front steps. Others have walls cracked to their foundation. Weeds have taken over lawns and sidewalks, and trash is strewn in the back yards.

If it looks desolate and deserted, that’s because they’ve been abandoned for 16 years, said community leaders, who have tried in vain to buy the buildings from the landlord, Rita Stark.

The Hollis Local Development Corp. has tried repeatedly to purchase the building closest to the school and convert it into a community center, said President Michael Hargraves.

Stark would not sell to the group because “they weren’t sufficiently capitalized,” said her spokesman, George Arzt.

Stark is currently seeking funding to develop the site to house veterans and victims of domestic violence, Arzt said.

But local leaders were skeptical, noting that Stark is a real estate heiress with a notorious history of leaving properties fallow.


Gary the Agnostic said...

Such as the Long Island Press building on 168th Street. How long did that sit vacant? The Starks always make excuses like that.

Anonymous said...

if you search the name SHELDON LEFFLER, the name Rita Stark is mentioned. "LEFFLER FOUND GUILTY OF VIOLATING LAW HE HELPED WRITE"

on 11-19-2003, John Toscano, Queens Gazette wrote "Rita Stark,Queens landlord donated $10,000 in 250 checks and money orders under other peoples names to side step the $3500. limit per person "

note Leffler was Dem. Cm running for Queens B.P.

does this case remind you of the present DEM. J.Liu scandal?

Anonymous said...

Eventually she'll be dead. That's just the reality of NYC real estate. Sometimes you just have to table a project until the geezer dies.

Anonymous said...

In the middle 50s Stark owned lots of rent Controlled properties in Hollis area. Some had Murphy beds in the studios...So Rita is not the original owner....she must have inherited from her Father "Henry". They must be keeping the properties in the family.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Anon No. 4:

I don't think Henry was the father's first name. Otherwise, you are exactly riht.

Anonymous said...

"Henry" I do not think was the name but am pulling a blank at what it was. But do remember looking at one of the apartments in the 50s. Kind of dumpy back then.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Think Fred was it.