Friday, April 20, 2012

House cleanup in Springfield Gardens

From the Daily News:

For more than 10 years, neighbors had griped about the deteriorating home at 141-44 184th St., which had been abandoned since its elderly owner died.

The weed-choked yard became home to raccoons, opossum and other creatures. Neighborhood kids snuck into the house for mischief and the whole site became a dumping ground.

With the help of previous media coverage and Sanders’ office, the house popped on the radar of Tidy Cats, the kitty litter manufacturer, which was kicking off a national “No More PU” campaign.

The company was looking for problem spots around the country to clean as part of its promotion.

It hired A.S. Construction and Landscaping, a Queens-based firm, to clear out the mess.

Within four days, workers removed 40 cubic yards of garbage and four trees. They pulled the weeds and put in fresh top soil.


Anonymous said...

It's beautiful, and the question is why this property, still worth something and still desirable to someone, would be "abandoned". Who paid the taxes to prevent a sherriff's tax sale?

Anonymous said...

There's a lien. Gotta go to the paper that drove the story.

Sandy Hamilton said...

On property records, it states Eleanor Lane is the assessed owner. Property is in POOL CANDT STATUS, what ever that means. Records on computer looks like taxes have not been paid since 2002.

Anonymous said...

No more PU - I love it - glad the property got cleaned. The neighbors must be hopeful.