Thursday, April 26, 2012

Padavan will sit out State Senate race

From the Times Ledger:

State Sen. Tony Avella (D-Bayside) has two less challengers after Sen. Toby Stavisky (D-Whitestone) decided to run in another district and former Sen. Frank Padavan opted not to relive a heated previous campaign for his old seat.

“I’m going to focus my efforts on getting Dan re-elected,” Padavan said at a recent event, referring to City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone), who is running for Congress.

It was widely speculated earlier this year that Padavan would face off against Avella in a general election, and Padavan told TimesLedger Newspapers in February that he was considering the move.

But a source in the Queens Republican Party confirmed Padavan did not want to run. Now the party is in the process of drawing up a shortlist of possible candidates and interviewing them.

It was also uncertain where Stavisky would end up running after the redistricting process, but her office said she would be making an announcement on the steps of Flushing Library, at 41-17 Main St., indicating she would go for the new 16th District.

That district most closely resembles her current seat, but is centered around Flushing, with two arms that extend west into Forest Hills and east along the Long Island Expressway into parts of Bayside. The district is 53 percent Asian, and by running there Stavisky will avoid a primary with Avella.


Anonymous said...

That's funny...
the feedback we got at a local civic meeting from Padavan was...
that Frank didn't seem to think very much of Halloran or his abilities.

But we're not very much surprised that Frank is now supporting Dan.

Party loyalty always
comes before good government.

Anonymous said...

In exchange
for supporting candidate Halloran...
Padavan will be given a good staff position somewhere within the Republican party.

mystery civic association said...

Whoa...wait a minute...
"doofy" Dan "hollerin" Halloran re-elected?

Not on out watch!

Anonymous said...

Halloran has screwed more constituents than staffers!

Vote him outta here!

Anonymous said...

Pettibone became a Democrat like Koo.

Anonymous said...

The old colnel didn't feel like getting his butt paddled again by tony avella .

Anonymous said...

Now now Halloran has helped the Hallorans of Whitestone lumber secure a sweet deal with td bank
He tried to help Franco but was shut down by the community
He is helping Peter marino with his supermarket
Mario Delia with his piazza Italia
Every developer with a dream and money is lining up at his door
And let's not forget the DOT worker he outré as the whitsleblower of his bullshit blizzard story
I'd say he has done alot

Anonymous said...

will you name "every developer who is lining up at his door "? are you not proud to be a member of your local civic group.? why hide it's name?

could you be full of usual?

do the businessmen that you mention qualify as taxpaying ,citizens or persons that you have personally demonized ?

i saw the d.o.s. plow driver with his shovel raised.
do you deny my right to have my street rid of the snow, so that my car can leave my driveway ?

you are delusional,on this point.

Anonymous said...

DOS IS NOT DOT He outed a DOT employee not a DOS employee why

demonizing who? Thes people have all been discussed on QC and they are businessmen who had the poor judgement of trying to work with this disaster we call a councilman

proud to be a member of what civic? I am my own person and have lived in Douglaston for forty five years! Don't need a civic anything to tell me anything

funny that anonymous is tell anonymous not to hide

why did he out a DOT employee over a DOS scandal if it ever really happened WHY


Anonymous said...

past did you know someone is he ing the developer who wants to build co ops on Francis Lewis boulevard where the waldbaums, Astoria federal, and garden center are?

someone wants to build there and nneds someone's help to secure it goes smoothly can you guess who is helping?

i hear they are going to have a small commercial strip with a bar as an anchor store

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 8:

But did you get the number of that truck and supply it to the Department of Investigations?

You've been askked this before. You've never answered.

Anonymous said...

Funny anonymous is askin anonymous to reveal his or her identity! Talk about a hypocrit!!

Anonymous said...

Halloran must be purple in the face reading about all of his shenanigans being revealed here on Queens Crap.

Or does Chrissy do his reading
(etc.) for him?

you'd better pour yourself a glass and cool down.

Anonymous said...

Sur' n'be gorra...
if Halloran ain't a 19th century ward healer of the old school...who in the hell is?