Monday, April 16, 2012

Van Bramer vs. Dutch Kills whorehouses

From the Times Ledger:

City Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer (D-Sunnyside) and civic leader George Stamatiades said they are determined to fight two spas in the Dutch Kills area they suspect of being illegal businesses.

“It’s contrary to everything else that is happening in the Dutch Kills-Long Island City community,” Van Bramer said.

The councilman’s office said the community was concerned with two spas, one on 37th Avenue called Smile Dawa, and another on 38th Avenue called Asian Body Work. They said these parlors may be fronts for prostitution or other illegal sex activities.

“It’s a situation where it’s a quality of life issue and we have to address it,” Stamatiades said.

The voice mailbox for Smile Dawa was full when TimesLedger Newspapers called. The manager for Asian Body Work was not available for comment.

Smile Dawa had previously been closed by the NYPD and three arrests were made, one of which was for solicitation, Van Bramer’s office said.

But to close the establishment permanently, the location needs to be cited three times.

Stamatiades said the police were doing their job, although the system makes it difficult.

“I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Stamatiades said. “Does that mean you can rob a bank three times?”


georgetheatheist said...

Attention Pimps and Pros.

718 357-7400: The Queens Tribune
718 939-0195: Assemblywoman Meng

Mention you read the number here for a good classified listing rate.

Anonymous said...

So, Micheal Nussbaum is branching out to western Queens.

Visit Flushing...George S. and Jimmy Van B...and see what the Q Trib has done for the quality of life there.

It's become the epicenter of Asiatic whoredom.

Anonymous said...

It's no more of a quality of life issue than people having sex in an apartment next door. It is BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, how exactly is this affecting the quality of life of anyone outside? I'm sure these spas have much less of an impact on the quality of life than most stores, restaurants, and bars. No food garbage to attract vermin, no noisy truck deliveries and garbage dumpster pickups, no rotting garbage smells, fairly light traffic that is not disruptive to neighborhood parking, no noisy people outside smoking at all hours, I can go on and on.
Where is the real quality of life issue besides in people imaginations?

Queens Crapper said...

Try human trafficking as a quality of life issue.

Anonymous said...

And try young American Asian girls being propositioned by theses "Johns" as they go to and from school!!! Are you Stupid or something ? Seriously Flushing and Jackson Heights have some of the highest rates of Human Trafficking ;-( And their using Children also !!! Is what they do behind Closed Doors still ok ?

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Van Bramer...puddin' 'n pie...
kissed the boys 'n made them cry.

Anonymous said...

A "happy ending" for the Johns,
but a very unhappy life
for the sex slaves that service them.

Anonymous said...

Hey dummy...
when you've got to work for $5 dollars per trick....working off your $75,000 debt to the snake head that smuggled you into America...and your pimp gets the rest of your $100 (?) would you like it?

How many years, on their backs, do these women have to work until they're free and clear of their obligations...if ever?

Nora From Dutch Kills said...

“It’s contrary to everything else that is happening in the Dutch Kills-Long Island City community,” Van Bramer said.

Hey Jimmy, come on over - one of your hotels is built just 5 feet from my son's bedroom.

Maybe I should rent it out by the hour for the shows we can see.

Nice work. More hotels. We need to make money off development, too.

Anonymous said...


do you get campaign donations from developers.