Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fake cabbie keeps on rolling

From the Daily News:

A phony hack was nabbed at John F. Kennedy Airport Monday afternoon by two cops who had recognized the suspect from previous arrests, a Port Authority Police Department spokesman said.

Odalis De Los Andeles, 47, was trying to hustle unsuspecting travelers at Terminal 4 around 2 p.m., offering them cab rides without having proper Taxi and Limousine Commission credentials, PAPD Spokesman Al Della Fave said.

“He’s one of the frequent hustlers,” Fave said. “He’s been arrested more than 20 times.”

Plainclothes PAPD Officers Tom Koster and Paul Pogozelski were scouting out the turf on the arrivals deck when they spotted De Los Andeles.

De Los Andeles - who was known to charge upwards of $100 for a ride to Manhattan that would normally cost a flat-rate of $45 - was charged with illegal solicitation of ground transportation, resisting arrest, criminal trespass and disorderly conduct, Della Fave said.


Joe said...

“He’s been arrested more than 20 times.” much for enforcement.
It seems fines are nothing more then a tax to pre-emp and break the law.
Why don't we see the mayor or Queens DA pounding there fists about any of whats going on.
Aside from the robbing and hustling good portion of these gypsy cabbies run drugs and shouldn't even be in this country !
I have used "black cabs" at the Woodside LIRR when I go to party's in Queens.
(I dont drink and drive)
They are quick and never try to hustle me but I have lost count of how many times these guys hinted if I wanted to buy coke.

Its near impossible to hail a yellow cab anyplace in Queens. They all have there "out of service" sines on unless you want to go to the airport or Manhattan.


Anonymous said...

Ever try to hail a cab in Manhattan to go to Queens?

Joe said...

Hail a cab from Manhattan same crap. They tell you "No I'm off duty forgot to put the light on'" They then put the off duty light on and turn it back off a block or so after they drive off.

A cab to Queens is IMPOSSIBLE unless you grab one at the "line-up" outside Penn Stations main steps.