Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gottlieb gone

From the NY Times:

The field in the crowded race for the Democratic nomination in the newly created Sixth Congressional District in Queens just became a little narrower.

Jeffrey Gottlieb, a clerk for the city’s Board of Elections and a longtime, if understated, behind-the-scenes fixture in Queens Democratic political circles, has withdrawn from the race, according to a person involved in the campaign who had not been authorized to speak about it publicly. The move came days after Mr. Gottlieb filed the signatures he had collected with the city to get on the ballot (a minimum of 938 valid signatures were required).

The reason, the person said, was the personal strain caused by the public disclosure that Mr. Gottlieb, 70, had been charged decades ago with second-degree arson, a felony; he was accused of drenching his Queens apartment in gasoline and setting it on fire.

A replacement for Mr. Gottlieb in the race will be chosen by a three-member panel he selects. Mr. Gottlieb has suggested Stephen Green, a lawyer who is a prominent member of the John F. Kennedy Regular Democratic Club, in which Mr. Gottlieb is also active. The primary election will be held on June 26.


Anonymous said...

He won't be missed because nobody hardly knew he was ever there.

Perennial hacks are always invisible.

Hey, got a match buddy?

Anonymous said...

A double dose of Valium will quickly soothe Jeff's stress.

After that it's Haldol...
or heaven forbid...Thorezine.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if Gottlieb's replacement also happens to be Jewish. If so, then the theory that the purpose of his candidacy was simply to siphon Jewish votes away from Lancman would appear to be accurate.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's accurate all right.

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb's replacement is Steven Green.

Anonymous said...

What a scary face.

Charles Manson looks more balanced.

Anonymous said...

Now go crawl back under a rock, Jeff.