Wednesday, April 11, 2012

They're "hack-ing" away in NY-6

From City and State:

A spokesman for Assemblywoman Grace Meng’s congressional campaign confirmed this morning that its main campaign consultant, Michael Nussbaum, urged a Jewish state committeeman in Queens to run for the same congressional seat as Meng.

The Meng spokesman, Michael Tobman, confirmed that Nussbaum had suggested to Matthew Silverstein that he join the then three-way Democratic primary in northeast Queens, but insisted that the suggestion was not serious. Silverstein ultimately passed on running for the seat.

The revelation comes as a new candidate, 70-year old Board of Elections employee Jeff Gottlieb, has jumped into the NY-6 race. Lancman’s campaign issued a statement yesterday condemning Gottlieb’s candidacy as a ploy by the Queens Democratic Party to split the Jewish vote in the district. Lancman, who is Jewish, asserts that Gottlieb, who is also Jewish, was only tapped to run for Congress after Silverstein decided to take a pass.

The Meng campaign’s admission came after three sources had told City & State of the conversation between Nussbaum and Silverstein. The sources characterized the meeting as an effort by Nussbaum, who runs the Queens political consulting firm Multi-Media, to place a Jewish candidate in the congressional race in order to split the Jewish vote in the four-way primary.

Silverstein told Lancman himself about the conversation with Nussbaum in some detail at a Community Board 7 meeting last evening, two sources said.

But Tobman insists that Nussbaum’s intention was not to siphon off votes from Lancman.

From the NY Observer:

“Today, the Meng campaign has been caught red-handed in one of the most malicious schemes any of us have ever seen: an outrageous ploy to deceive Jewish voters with a fraudulent candidate designed to manipulate the electoral process in her favor,” Mr. Lancman’s campaign manager Mark Benoit said in a statement. “Based on today’s revelations, Grace Meng owes the voters an apology for concocting this sham, and Grace Meng should fire her main campaign operative Michael Nussbaum for his role in perpetrating this fraud.”

From Room Eight:

This story, from 2002, and several others I've found in my research, has made me revise my take on Queens hack Jeff Gottlieb's laughable, boss-blessed run for Congress.

For over a decade now, Gottlieb has thrown his hat into the ring for every race for an open seat in Queens, even when the seat was going to disappear, or wasn't really open.

Each time, he made some noise, but ultimately, he always faded when the Party bosses asked him to, knowing he's get his reward if he just waited his turn.

Unfortunately, that reward turned out to be a job at the Board of Elections.

A Queens Activist writes:

“Gottlieb was on the board of Bowne House when the Jacob Titus Bowne collection of historical papers disappeared and the Jamaica Town Records were put on the open market without the knowledge or consent of the membership. Everytime Jeff runs for something, the rumblings about this start and then he drops out and keeps a low profile for awhile. Then the cycle restarts.”

Hmmm...What's this about?

From Queens Politics:

Less than three weeks ago, political insiders were abuzz with different theories on why state Sen. Toby Stavisky’s Chief of Staff, Avi Fink would manage Liz Crowley’s campaign for Congress even after Grace Meng received the County nod.

QueensCrap was the first to point out Fink in the photos after Liz Crowley announced her bid for Assembly underneath the Unisphere.

Examining the pictures, insiders and pundits suggested that since Stavisky had longstanding ties to the County organization, there must have been some behind the scenes agreement to bolster Crowley with Toby’s seasoned staffer.

But those people were mistaken as the deal wasn’t made with Toby, it was made with Fink. Toby was set up to get the short end of the stick.

Over time, word had spread. Fink was unhappy; he wanted to leave Toby’s office and his colleagues were waiting for the right opportunity to give him the chance.

Enter Liz Crowley.

When push comes to shove, Crowley’s longstanding ties to County supersede those of the Stavisky faction, including her son’s Lobbying firm the Parkside Group.

Queens County Democrats were discontented. Toby and Evan have been making the Party look bad for far too long. “The Parkside thugs are not Queens County no matter what they appear to be,” said a party official.

According to an inside source, Fink did not show up to work for twenty-four hours after Crowley’s announcement. He went AWOL and when he returned unannounced, Toby went nuts after Fink admitted he took a job with the Crowley campaign.

In summation, County made Fink an offer he couldn’t refuse: leave Toby now and we’ll get you back on the Hill.

Oh, so county DID set up the Liz Crowley campaign, then? Otherwise, it would have made more sense for Fink to work for Meng. Thanks for clarifying!


Anonymous said...

There ya go guys 'n gals...
one of the usual suspects surfaces once again...Michael Tobman.


The other Michael...NUSSBAUM...should have gone to jail back in the Manes days when he was caught red handed in ...wasn't it a Time Warner bribery scandal?

And this is the man who is "representing" the RKO Keith's owner de jour...Patrick Thompson.

Whilst Congressman Ackerman is about to leave the scene (most likely with federal investigators on his ass) his loyal crooks stay behind to continue Gary's dirty work!



Anonymous said...

Grace Meng needs to win because all of that Oriental cash must now continue to flow into Ackerman's associates pockets.

Gary's already got his Caman Islands accounts stuffed with a surplus for a nice cozy retirement.

Wash that Taipei money and iron it nice and flat so it can fit neatly into Nussbaum & Company's wallets!

Asiatic money is the mother's milk of Democratic machine politics.

Anonymous said...

When are the feds going to do a full job of cleaning out the stable...of all those old shit piles left in the corners...from Donald Manes' crooked regime?

Nussbaum should be the first to be swept out.

But I wouldn't dare use that piece of manure to fertilize my tomato patch.

Avrham said...

Crooked Jews, like Nussbaum, make the rest of us honest ones look bad.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Jewish cabal is ordering Chinese take out..."One Meng roll to go".

De Mille said...

Just in time for Passover.

May the 10 plagues descend upon Multi Media.

Anonymous said...

the party of the goyem.

the party of the yidlum.

Anonymous said...


Rory Lancman is the Jewish voters' real "lantzman".

The other candidates are (not-so-smart) petty "goniffs"!

Vote for the "mensch" not the dullards the clubhouse put on the bench.

Anonymous said...

Political manipulation and Oriental "massage" parlor advertising....
anything that the "Queens Tribune/Multi Media" can make a buck off "Nussie"?

Anonymous said...

Avi Fink is like a younger Gottlieb. He made a career deal with his party's bosses over the interests of his community.

Now suppose Meng wins and Boss Joe picks Avi to be Meng's "Jewish Community Liaison," the job Avi had under Anthony Weiner. By then, Avi would have zero credibility in the Jewish community. The rabbis would recognize that he is a party puppet more than a voice of the community.

Avi had a fine job working for Toby, and he would have been a great partner for Rory Lancman, but he chose self-interest over his community.

Perhaps when Avi turns 70, he could also run for Congress, culminating a long life of hack positions.

Anonymous said...

Queens: Home of the guaranteed employment for political corruption investigators.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you Grace Meng!!!

Meng Has always harbored vehement anti-semitic views. Remember when she first ran in 06' her and her sister blamed the jews for getting knocked off the ballot. It was widely reported in the press!!

I hope the lancman campaign digs it up already, theres a pattern of anti-semitism from meng.

Anonymous said...

Meng also has a problem with the Hispanic community. Recently she erroneously accused several hispanic boston market employees of being racist just because they were speaking spanish. It was baloney. The employees still work there because meng's allegations were completely fabricated.

I guess if your not speaking mandarin meng hates you.She only seems to care about asian issues alone.

Thje lancman campaign should seek out these hardworking boston market employees and get their more accurate side of the story.


Anonymous said...

Psst I heard the Republicans approached Al Centola against Dans wishes to run against Vallone when Dan wins Congress in order to split the Italian vote the way Paul did to Jerry.

Like Dans going to win Congress.

Why against Dans wishes you ask? Wait and see, wait and see.

Captain Renault said...

I am shocked ... shocked ... to find campaigns using political dirty tricks during an election.

And if Lancman had hired Nussbaum first, that campaign would have dug up a straw Asian candidate to siphon votes away from Meng.

What annoys me is the fact that the campaigns think that the Queens sheep, er, voters, will only vote for their own religious or ethnic group, and they even broadcast it. Jews only vote for Jews? Maybe Lancman needs to grow his side curls. Can't wait to see his bar-mitzvah photo.

georgetheatheist said...

I'd like to see Halloran with side curls wearing his Viking skirt.

Si fueris Romae [Queens], Romano [Queensians] vivito more.

[Hey Crapper, wasn't there a photo published once of Tom Manton wearing a turban at some kind of Sikh event?]

Anonymous said...

Meng also has a problem with the Hispanic community. Recently she erroneously accused several hispanic boston market employees of being racist just because they were speaking spanish. It was baloney. The employees still work there because meng's allegations were completely fabricated.

Perhaps, but Peralta and Moya endorsed her anyway. Clubhouse loyalty comes first.

I don't think Grace is a racist. I do think that she is unqualified for the position.

Besides, racism can cut both ways. If Grace's staff is mostly Asian, Toby's staff is mostly white. Both represent the same turf.

Anonymous said...

If I were the republicans I'd get rid of Halloran, Padavan and ol' Phil and go with winners like Alfedo Centola, but I doubt Centola would hook up with that crew, he's too independent.

Adam said...

Hey Crapper, looks like County did set up the Fink\Crowley deal, our point is Toby wasn't in on it. She didn't consent to any deal and it was unknown to her what was going on until Fink showed up and said he was leaving to work for Crowley.

The County organization has an axe out for Stavisky. Can't blame them.

Anonymous said...

Meng's an underhanded puppet for Virginia Joe Crowley.
Liz Crowley is an idiot no talent retard in a pants suit.
Gotlieb is probably the biggest sellout hack ass kisser in Queens.
Lancman has brains and works hard. He's the only choice we have here.

Anonymous said...

This Gilbert Gottfried candidacy is a joke!

Anonymous said...

I wonder what position Gottlieb's wife, also a hack, will hold? Talk about incompetence! And where does Karen Koslowitz and her hacks fit in this sad picture? Oh, sorry, forgot, they are Hevesi hacks!

Anonymous said...

Democratic dildos...
all buzz and no love.

Constituents get "lumbered" but they..."Can't get no satisfaction".

Cum to think about it...those Republican reptiles don't deliver much either.

Maybe this whole f----d up situation is the fault of Queens' voting sheep.

If they demanded better products (candidates) the manufacturers (political parties) would have to provide them.

It appears that our borough's voters are worse than those vapid Long Island soccer moms or they're on crystal meth!

Maybe the only answer is to boycott elections...I dunno.

Anonymous said...

I can't make up my mind if Nussbaum looks more like a sleazy used car salesman or a Dr. Feel-good type charlatan.

He does have the smile of an undertaker, though.

Only Dennis Gallagher's smile could be more frightening!

Moe said...

So vats wrong dahleeng?

Don't they all look Jewish?

"N vats vun more schmuck in Congress
going to matter?

Anonymous said...

Too bad Virginia Joe couldn't find a Jewish cousin in his extended family to run in the election.

Anonymous said...

For shame Grace. Please note that voters are concerned with how you will represent them in the United States, not Israel. You are a phony and a puppet.