Saturday, April 28, 2012

City cracking down on illegal hotels

From the NY Times:

Armed with a new state law, the city has spent the past year cracking down on the growing industry of short-term rentals; since the law took effect last May, nearly 1,900 notices of violation have been issued at hundreds of residential buildings.

The new law made it illegal to rent out apartments in residential buildings for under 30 days. Owners of an apartment or a town house may still rent out one or two rooms, provided that they live in the home and everyone has access to common areas like the kitchen. Illegal hotels found by the city included small rental buildings, condos and town houses, and many of them were hiding in plain sight.

The Loftstel, a town house on Greene Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant, advertised on Web sites, including a New York University site that offers suggestions for short-term housing. (N.Y.U. does not endorse the locations.)

Students and tourists came to the Loftstel from all over the world, said Tommy Walton, 56, who lives a few doors down. They threw “crazy parties,” he said, adding that he was once invited in by a guest and found a refrigerator packed with beer and vodka, but not a scrap of food.

During an inspection last year, the Mayor’s Office of Special Enforcement found 44 guests in the house, inadequate smoke alarms and other unsafe conditions, problems the city says are common when residences are used for short-term lodging.

The building now stands vacant. The man behind the business, Jeff Pan, said he had “made a clean break from it.”


FluShing Rezident said...

How about houses in Queens? The one at 164th & 29th Ave has people coming and going constantly! Always at night.

You can tell they're not locals - they're always friendly! Definitely tourists on vacation - not sullen locals - lol!

Anonymous said...

Short term rentals for all situations across the board for under 30 days should be banned. It will now be difficult to enforce and will be abused by those packing their basements with illegals (electric burners) paying by the day or week.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of these fire traps
are located in Flushing.

Has CB#7 done anything about them?

It doesn't look that way!

Anonymous said...

The Floo-shing Chinese are known for this.

Basement hotels offering massage and gaming services.

And the 109th PCT takes its cut from it all.

We've even seen FDNY guys frequenting some of these rub joints (gratis) in exchange for overlooking fire code violations.

wadda ya got to say about it,
Captain Eugene Kelty?

Anonymous said...

Hey fella,
you gave me the top bunk.

I told you I'm a "bottom".

Do you have any double beds?

Anonymous said...

Jeff Pan says he made a clean break. He should be in jail, he's a criminal. He left hundreds of thousands of dollars of damage to the properties he set up and has not owned up to the city's fines. He should be thrown under the jail.