Saturday, April 21, 2012

Can't cross the street in Rockaway

From the Daily News:
The central section of the Rockaways has seen a population boom with developments such as Arverne by the Sea.Resident and college professor David Lichtenthal said the traffic infrastructure hasn’t kept up with the changing demographics.“The street light system is from an era that’s a relic,” he said. “The population density requires [a street light] now. It’s becoming problematic.
”But another variable is looming that could further aggravate the situation, locals said.A new YMCA branch, slated to open in 2013 on Beach 73rd St., is expected to draw more pedestrian traffic, especially small children.“When that Y opens up in March you’re going to have hundreds of kids and families,” said Edwin Williams, 43. “It’s like a NASCAR speedway. It’s really not good.”
Officials with the YMCA said they have fielded complaints from residents regarding that area and forwarded them to City Councilman James Sanders Jr.’s office.Officials with Sanders’ office said they were stonewalled by the city Department of Transportation.“We’ve been pushing for it,” said the lawmaker’s chief of staff, Donovan Richards. “We’ve been turned down by DOT.”

Sorry, the commissioner is too overwhelmed by bike lane planning to give a shit about this safety concern.

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