Saturday, April 14, 2012

Where does Flushing Commons stand?

From the Times Ledger:

On the heels of what appeared to be a fund-raising trip to Asia, the developers of Flushing Commons are back in Queens and in the process of inking contract deals for the $850 million downtown project.

Michael Meyer, president of TDC Development, attended meetings in cities including Hong Kong and Beijing in early March, e-mails obtained by TimesLedger Newspapers through the Freedom of Information Law show.

Meyer was upbeat, calling the tete-a-tetes “excellent,” but it was unclear exactly what was discussed, since details about the project were not released as part of the information request.

Meyer declined to comment at this stage in the project, but has said in previous interviews that Flushing Commons did not have enough funding to get a shovel in the ground.

A FOIL officer from the city Economic Development Corp. said the documents specifically related to the progress of Flushing Commons — which was approved in summer 2010 but never broke ground — were legally exempt because releasing them would affect a bidding process affiliated with the project.

The officer was not specific, but said the developers were currently negotiating new contract deals as part of the mega-project that is proposed to take the place of Municipal Lot 1 downtown...

But while Meyer was updating the EDC twice a month, community leaders who approved the project more than a year-and-a-half ago have been kept in the dark ever since.


Anonymous said...

"shovel in the ground"?

It sounds like Mike Meyers is shoveling shit...loaded with mountains of phony optimism about Flush Com's future development.

Nobody in Asia or on Mars is likely to jeopardize their money by investing in an overpriced uncertain Flushing market.

Asian money is better spent in other parts of the U.S. or the world, for that matter, where real estate bargains abound.

China is already in the African oil fields.

Maybe Mike went to "play" with some Asian boys...but he came back empty.

TDC has shot their load.

Spreading PR around town is no substitute for hard cash!

How about a trip to Malaysia, Michael?

Anonymous said...

Where does F.C. stand?
On its knees?

It'll never be built to TDC's grandiose speculation.

And there goes Chuck Apelian's
kick backs trimmed down to a smaller size.

Oh, Chuck blows of steam about traffic concerns, etc. RE Flushing Commons...but he's TDC's other pussy boy.

It's all in the act folks.

CB#7's "elite" always go through the motions of protesting projects...but they always manage to cut a nice deal for themselves under the table.

Wattsa matta Mr. Kelty...a fireman's pension ain't enough for you?

Anonymous said...

Where are the commons supposed to be I have always been confused, is it that parking lot b/t 37th and 39th ave and 138th and Union St? Like the only parking in the entire neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Flushing Commons is named for the common criminals behind the scheme to build it.