Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bloomberg still seeking legacy

From the Daily News:

RACING TO put his stamp on midtown before his third term expires, Mayor Bloomberg’s administration is fast-tracking a plan to transform the zoning near Grand Central Terminal.

The target area for the rezoning would be bound by Fifth and Third Aves. and stretch from E. 39th St. north to E. 59th St., several official and private sector sources said.

The objective is to allow for developers to knock down aging, too-small-for-the-big-time buildings and construct ultramodern towers — the bigger, the better.

“This is something that Bloomberg would like to finish before leaving office,” said a leading business official who was told about the plan but asked not to be identified because its specifics have yet to be formally proposed.

“This would be a linchpin of his legacy.”


Anonymous said...

Closing in on the last lap of his mortality race, Bloomberg now seeks to leave New York a legacy.

How nice.
Leave your money to all of us!

Mike refuses to recognize that he's made a mess of NYC but he wants to be fondly remembered.

But he'll pass unnoticed like a fly speck on the pages of history.

Anonymous said...

For three complete terms, he seems to have such little impact on the city - except for being the national symbol of the overreach of the nanny-state.

I thought all those bike lanes were his legacy.

Anonymous said...

Have always said it: you let the two bit morons hone their skills in western Queens it will come back to haunt you.

Arbeiter said...

Yes he will leave a legacy alright: an illegally-3-term narcissistic and fascist megalomaniac who has destroyed public education in New York City. Did I mention the nastiest and most corrupt mayor within my lifetime?

Anonymous said...

His legacy is one of conceit, narcissm and entitlement. He will be known as the Mayor of an overdeveloped Sanctuary City with a horrific public education system and very few hospitals because of all the closings. He bought his third term and hopes to continue ruling New York when Chris Quinn is elected. He will be a master puppeteer.

Jerry Rotondi said...

History has taught us
to beware of short people.

At least Napoleon accomplished something notable before his exile.

Our half-pint Bonaparte has proved inept at almost everything he's put his hands to.

Do us all a favor Mayor Mike,
and resign before your term is up.

New York City should never be permitted to become a wealthy man's hobby--ever again!

Anonymous said...

His legacy of failure is already set. The people of Queens will never forget!

Anonymous said...

His legacy of failure is already set. The people of Queens will never forget!

sure, the people of queens don't remember what they had for lunch last thrusday and from what we see they accept like dumb oxen from their electeds this man has little to worry about on this side of the east river.

that is unless their elected decide they dont like him (read they were cut out of the gravy train) then in that event the people of queens will show up with pitchforks and torches.

Jerry Rotondi said...

No need for "pitchforks and torches" if Queens residents cast their votes intelligently at the polls.

Or is that too much to hope for?