Friday, April 20, 2012

Local tweeders oppose federal property rights bill

Excerpts of a news conference held by Willets Point United Inc. on April 12, 2012 in support of the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012 (H.R. 1433), which would punish states that allow eminent domain to be used for economic development purposes. The bill passed the United States House of Representatives on February 28, 2012 by an overwhelming and bipartisan voice vote, and is now being considered by the Senate judiciary committee.

Congressmember Joseph Crowley is on record opposing this legislation. There is no doubt that his cousin, Elizabeth Crowley, supports the theft of private property to benefit private development. Yet, she opposes eminent domain for public park projects in her district.

Crowley's hand-picked party hack, er, congressional candidate, Grace Meng, likely feels the same way. Don't know what Rory Lancman thinks. It's not like anyone in the media will bother to ask any of them.

Highlights of the press conference:

WPU attorney Michael Rikon: "Passing the Private Property Rights Protection Act of 2012 will stop the condemnation of Willets Point, and it will stop eminent domain abuse in New York State."

State Senator Tony Avella: "I say to the U.S. Senate, 'Let's pass this legislation'. Let's have the President sign it into law."

City Council Member Dan Halloran: "Senators Gillibrand and Schumer are people who should understand the values of New Yorkers. … They have an obligation to make sure this bill gets to the floor."

Property owner Irene Prestigiacomo: "What Mike Bloomberg is trying to do here at Willets Point has now been deemed inappropriate by the United States House of Representatives."

Queens civic leader Ben Haber: "I am particularly upset by the prostitution of the time-honored concept of eminent domain."

Business owner Marco Neira: "Please stop harassing us. Let us work!"

Business owner Arturo Olaya: "Eminent domain is not supposed to be taking property from the people to give it to somebody else for favors."

Business owner's daughter Tana Quillupangui: "I just hope that the Senate approves of this."


Anonymous said...

the U.S.Senate is still majority democrat.Schumer would never allow them to vote with the House of Rep.(g.o.p.majority) and 62 tea party reps.

he sic'd the I.R.S.on the T.E.A.Party U.S.A. last month....

Avella should switch parties......he is wasting his breathe.....

Anonymous said...


For once "doofy" Dan "hollerin" Halloran is on the right side.

I'll buy him a beer for that but not a drop of water for his White House Restaurant shennanigans.

Let Joey Franco foot the bill.

Emir said...

I hope to God that this bill passes. I want to see the mayor, EDC and those asshole developers fall flat on their faces.

Anonymous said...

pass the bill,

Anonymous said...

will the socialist government harass the W.P.U. next ? Note:U.S.Sen.C.Schumer,N.Y. initated the I.R.S. probe of the Tea Party ,U.S.A. in his recent letter to the I.R.S.

from Rep. Tom McClintock R/Cal. "A defining aspect of the American tradition is that groups of citizens band together for a wide variety of CIVIC purposes. They recruit volunteers, raise funds, spend those funds to promote whatever projects or cause brings them together.
It seems that the TEA PARTY groups are now being treated very differently than their counter parts on the political left. For the last two years, many have been stone-walled by the I.R.S. when they have sought to register as non-profits and most recently, they have been barraged with increasingly aggressive and threatening demands mostly outside the legal authority of the I.R.S. Indeed the only conceivable purpose of some of these demands could be to intimidate and harass. "

see BREITBART.COM for entire statement at House of Reps. "INVESTIGATE I.R.S. HARASSMENT OF TEA PARTY GROUPS".

Anonymous said...

If the press would call Lancman, he would give them his position on the topic. It takes a call.

Anonymous said...

Whatever finally happens at Willets Point, I will be content if Shulman doesn't live to see her "dream" come to fruition there.

keep up those delay tactics.
A project delayed is often a project killed!

Anonymous said...

#2...i have heard Cm. Halloran speak during his candidate town hall debate in College Pt., at Bowne Pk. Tea (TAX ENOUGH ALREADY) Party gathering and our local Queens civic assoc.

He will defend your constitutional rights and vote correctly. he is a patriot.

if he lets me down, i will be the first to speak out.

i believe my families security is at stake with the 2012 election .

Anonymous said...

Ch Halloran has let everyone down as a cm why not make him a congressman

Anonymous said...

Halloran a patriot?

Stop trying to blow smoke up our asses.

If he has to crawl to the last bar in town for the last nightcap...then he's the man to drink our country under the table.

Dan's track record for betraying his constituents follows him around like a mangy cur.

Ask the county's civic associations their opinion of him.

He prefers protecting Gambino crime family interests in Whitestone instead.

Maybe Halloran will become a mob mouthpiece.

RU following all this "doofy" Dan?

Anonymous said...

do the NYS prisons jail more Democrats from Queens County and N.Y.C......or Conservative /G.O.P.?