Tuesday, April 24, 2012

They pimped more than just their rides

From the NY Post:

A father and son from Queens ran a lucrative — and cruel — brothel on wheels for two decades, using six livery drivers to deliver hookers to hotels and apartments, Manhattan prosecutors said today in announcing the ring’s breakup.

In a sick twist, the dad, Vincent George, Sr., 55, not only taught Vincent, Jr., 33, how to pimp, but may at one point have either employed his own daughter as a hooker or pawned her off on yet another pimp, prosecutors said, declining to elaborate.

Johns on the go could purchase and enjoy a sex act without ever leaving the back seat, officials said of the operation, quoting the price scale at $200 to $500 per customer.

Business was good — one woman alone allegedly earned half-a-million dollars for the father and son last year, and the Georges employed five women at the time of the bust, officials said.

But as nice as they were to customers, the alleged father and son pimps were nasty to their prostitutes, threatening them, giving them little money so as to keep them helpless and even branding them with tattoos — including a bar code on one woman’s neck, according to officials.

The father and son “trafficked” their women from Queens and from Allentown, Pa., into the city, forcing them to solicit Johns at upscale hotel bars and outside of strip clubs, officials said.

The women were made to pass out cards reading “Professional Masseuse,” according to court documents.


Anonymous said...

Throw them into an Afghan prison full of mean horny goat fuckers!

Anonymous said...

The women of Allentown, PA -- Doing jobs the women of Queens can't (or won't) do.

Anonymous said...

Livery cab should be cracked down upon or that the regulations for them and their drivers be scrutinized more carefully. Many do not insure their vehicles = so buyer beware!

Anonymous said...

If a woman takes her boyfriend's or husband's paycheck it is OK or if some guy sells drugs and spends the money on his girl she won't go to jail. But if a guy gets money from a woman he is scum and if that woman is an adult prostitute he is a scumbag pimp worthy of a life sentence unless it is a legal brothel in Nevada then he is a good guy. Sounds like a double standard. If a woman gives free sex away all day it is legal and if she sells sex in a legal Nevada brothel for the Bunny ranch pimp Dennis Hof that is OK too but if she is a prostitute in NYC and gives her money to a guy that guy is the scum of the earth and a "dangerous" pimp, wow that is so hypocritical. Also I don't buy the force thing. These women were all adults. It sounds like some of these pimps former girls were in jail or perhaps they were hookers that were not even with these pimps who were in jail on Rikers Island and decided to tell the police what they wanted to hear about how they were "forced" into prostitution by these guys so they could get a "get of jail for free card". The real crime these pimps committed were that they made a lot of money and were successful at the sex business. These pimps should have opened a brothel in Nevada and paid taxes and they would have been rich and well respected in the Nevada community instead of facing 25 years in jail for "sex trafficking" and being called scum and "traffickers". Save the money for police investigations for those who pimp minors and really force women to be sex slaves as this was not the case. Same with promoting gambling or bookmaking, if the government does it then it is OK and legal but if you or I do it and make a ton of money you will not just get charged with promoting gambling. They will also charge you with racketeering, conspiracy and money laundering and say you are a very dangerous gangster down with the mob and try to give you 25 years in prison on trumped up charges. Plus the DA will coerce and threaten co-defendants and witnesses to testify falsely and railroad you. Oh and porn is legal but not prostitution which is ridiculous. I guess it is easier for the government to regulate, tax and monitor porn. Media and government propaganda is at an all time high!