Monday, April 30, 2012

Meng keeps interesting company

From the NY Post:

Queens congressional candidate Assembly woman Grace Meng used a North Korea sympathizer to help out with her upcoming primary race.

John Choe, who gathered 20 signatures on a Meng petition dated April 2, is notorious for telling a 2006 “Global Struggle for Socialism” conference that Kim Jung-un-led North Korea was “at the front line of the liberation struggles against imperialism.”

Choe left Comptroller John Liu’s campaign in 2009 after his remarks became public, and resigned as a senior aide in the Comptroller’s Office last September — just weeks after The Post reported he’d been hired there.

“Apparently John Choe — who is not a part of our campaign staff — was one of over 100 volunteers who collected 4,300 Democratic signatures. Assemblywoman Meng completely disagrees with Mr. Choe’s politics concerning North Korea,” said Meng campaign spokesman Michael Tobman.


Anonymous said...

This is getting way out of hand!
Who ever is backing this Grace character has to be nuts or out for some payoff.
Grace should abandon ship now before she gets in too deep with her alleged "friends", This will ruin her career.....and that's the truth.

Anonymous said...

so Meng completely disagrees with communist N.Korea's political ideology ??

but will she be at the church on Monday with John Liu and his comrades ?

or will she sneak in through the basement, like some other nys democrat leaders are reported to have done to honor Charlie Rangel, at the Plaza hotel ?

Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious that Choe has been promised a job by Meng if she wins.

Remember folks...
John Choe was chief of staff to John Liu when he was a councilman.

You never know what these inscrutable Oriental have going for them.

Anonymous said...

And what the hell is John Choe's
"One Flushing" (Is that what it's called?) all about...besides a self created, self serving organization?

Flushing can never become united
or re-united as "one".

It's a fragmented community
and will remain so.

The Taiwanese real estate war lords divided it up by waging real estate turf wars many years ago.

And Koreans are greatly disliked by the Chinese.

The last remaining Korean business was pushed off of Main Street more than 20 years ago.

So where does Choe fit in?

Is he bringing in money from North Korea?

One thing for certain...
Choe badly needs a secure job after he left Asian Americans For Equality.

Wasn't that the group that Parkside set up?

Anonymous said...

His mouth is frozen open.

Looks like he still got blower's cramps from servicing John Liu.

Anonymous said...

Queensboro Hill Civic association invited him to speak last week, along with toby stavisky.

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to hear the commenters on this site discuss ONE or TWO people of color, asians, or people of hispanic heritage without using a slur.

Since I'm sure these anonymous commenters with their hoods removed would probably say they were not racist, lets hear one or two people who are in the ethnic minority that are acceptable.

My sense is that it can't be done, that there are none. So it's not the "inscrutable" quality of the "orientals" you decry, but the fact of their "oriental"-ness.

I'd love to be proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

When will she become comfortable to use her korean given first name?

Anonymous said...

Since I'm sure these anonymous commenters with their hoods removed would probably say they were not racist, lets hear one or two people who are in the ethnic minority that are acceptable.


No problem. We won't go after their race if they don't use their race as a speaking point.

It works both ways....

Anonymous said...

#7...from 1950-53, 37,000 American military sacrificed their lives to try to save the s.korean and fleeing n.korean freedom loving citizens from the COMMUNIST invasion, by n.korea,china and russian pilots.

we, who survived and those who died, invested in the korean /american citizens. do not let us down and vote for more totalitarian government in Queens.

find out who the masters of deceit are in your town.

Anonymous said...

John Choe is a phony as they come
or else he's just one naive asshole.

And he did visit North Korea!

His sympathies for the North
was why John Liu dumped him.

As a pretense Choe said he resigned.

Anonymous said...

Asians are inscrutable.

And they certainly did screw Flushing.

Why is it that nobody talks about the open racism displayed by Asiatics in regard to Latinos and African-Americans?

Racism cuts 2 ways...Oriental troll.

Woody said...

From a speech by President Woodrow Wilson in Paris on May 10, 1919:
"I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. It cannot be so easily discovered if you allow him to remain silent and look wise, but if you let him speak, the secret is out and the world knows that he is a fool."

Anonymous said...

John Liu as Cm, hired Choe, alleged n.korean communist sympathizer, as his Chief of Staff
he was fired when exposed after returning from N.korea.

when Liu was elected to comptroller, he again hired Choe secretly, but when Choe was again exposed for being on the taxpayer's teat.Choe was either fired or resigned.
in either case Liu knows where Choe's allegiance lies.

and he did not give a damn .are they all fellow travelers ? observe who liu associates with at the rally on Monday.

if they quack like a duck, walk like a duck, they are ducks.....

Anonymous said...

Another phony lying politician ....stop Grace!

Anonymous said...

If Liu becomes mayor, he'll re-hire him, as he did after every election he won.

Anonymous said...

"La China"...
a Democ-RAT for Congress.


Maybe I'll run into her one day
at my local Boston Market.

Adam said...

Queens-Politics calls on Meng and Stavisky to disavow any association with North korean sympathizer, John Choe.

A scary, scary man.

Anonymous said...

He may be scary, but not very efficient. 20 signatures on a petition? What an effort he put in!