Friday, April 20, 2012

Mayoral candidates line up to kiss Crowley's ass

According to the the Daily News, Bill deBlasio, Christine Quinn, John Liu and Bill Thompson are pushing each other out of the way to kiss Joe Crowley's ass and support Grace Meng in the NY-6 race. Which means they have no qualms about indirectly supporting sex trafficking, are ok with the fact that she hired a pornographer/ publisher/ Donald Manes crony to run her campaign and don't mind that she has no platform whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

Queens government is still peppered with sleazebags left over from the corrupt Manes era.

Claire Shulman
was Donald's prime confederate!

Anonymous said...

Crowley is going to become the U.S. banker for all that Asian money that Meng will bring in from Taiwan to season many a Democratic party candidate's campaign.

So, of course, they'll a ll be lining up to French kiss"Virginia" Joe's sphincter.

Take a number please
and wait until you're called.

Anonymous said...

At least Jeff "the torch" Gottlieb has bowed out of the race.

Anonymous said...

kiss Crowley's ass?

I'd rather castrate myself with 2 dull rocks!

Anonymous said...

Several days ago, I received a campaign mailing from Grace Meng with Mark Weprin's endoresement on it. And, BTW, she used her full name on the logo - not just her first name, as some had speculated she might.

Auntie Invasion said...

He's only supporting her because she's one of the Tan Klan and not white Irish American like himself. Crowley not supporting his own niece is rather strange. If you are one of Joe's constituents, you will only get assistance if you are a member of a preferred racial group. White Americans need not apply.

Anonymous said...

Wow, grace meng is a incredibly corrupt,vile,racist pig who particularly singles out hispanic and jews.

No wonder queens is in the crapper with respect to our quality of life,city services(re:snowstorm of 2010)and our childrens future.With candidates like meng who needs a recession to damper our prospects.All in the name of getting campaign money now that jon liu is finished.

I went to mengs "democratic club of flushing" once in the queens crossing building and I felt as if I walked into a nest of hissing vipers waiting to poison.

I hope meng gets clobbered by lancman or lantzman whatever his name is or used to be.


P.S. Th only reason you even got elected in the first place is because your opponent could not even count to ten.

Anonymous said...

As long as I don't have to kiss her ass! What makes her corrupt ass any different than any other corrupt Queens ass? Jews, Italians, Irish, Arabs, asians, Dot heads...if they're running for office, they're corrupt. If their lips are moving, they're lying.

Gary the Agnostic said...

I'll be more shocked when candidates don't do something like that.

Anonymous said...

Queens pols are a joke. Even the Crapicle gets it.

Anonymous said...

Beware of Meng "the merciless"!

Her Taiwanese tong associates will buy out your nabe and create an Asiatic colony there before you can order an egg roll!

Taipei already owns the Queens machine.

Why else would "Virginia" Joe Crowley support her candidacy?

Your children had better learn Mandarin Chinese.

Washington Pissed said...

Voters had better look into Grace's daddy...Jimmy Meng's...shady background before they vote for her.

Is Jimmy a gangster or just a tong leader?

Do you really want to take a chance on finding out later?

The Oriental horde is gaining turf in northern Virginia now too...too close to D.C.

But, then again, "Virginia" Joe Crowley has already arranged his deals with those Asiatics there.

They're practically neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Not since Tommy Huang, or the elusive Wellington Zhou Chen, has such an incideous Taiwanese assault been launched on Long Island.

Meng is not your representative...unless you happen to be Oriental.

Anonymous said...

Queenscrap commenters are as racist as the candidate they're accusing of racism. So funny.

Anonymous said...

The understanding is the hacks do this so 'polite' people don't come here -

the real reason for most of the concern here is not anger at racism (you wanna see racism get invited to the inner sanctum of the clubhouse)

but of course, they want to find an excuse to shoo away people so they do not get exposed to real ideas and problems or, most importantly, have a chance to publicly discuss them.

georgetheatheist said...

But you are mistaken. They are not racists. They are sociologists.

Anonymous said...

Those inscrutable Asiatics...
nobody can attempt a guess at what cards they're holding until the game is over.

Solving the mysteries of the Meng dynasty's cash flow is like trying to open up one of those frustrating
little Oriental puzzle boxes.

Where do they get all their money to sweeten up the campaigns of our corrupt clubhouse pols?

Former Assemblyman Jimmy Meng does own "Queens Lumber" on College Point B'lvd...but is that enough to buy out the Democratic machine?

Anonymous said...

Grace Meng must be fuming
as she, or her associates, report the daily news on Queens Crap.

Anonymous said...

Nobody's prejudiced...
just post-judiced.

Grace has proven to be the real racist by ignoring her non-Oriental constituents in favor of her own.

What will she do to non-Asiatics
if she should gain a Congressional seat?

Ackerman's antics will look pale next to Meng's malicious works.

Voters beware.
The "Yellow Peril" seeks your country!

Anonymous said...

Juan Sheng is a Chinese mainlander and is running because of the perception that Meng works only for her Taiwanese friends and not for ALL THE PEOPLE OF THE DISTRICT.

Sheng also is running on the issues whereas Meng is running on all the title she has been bestowed as a result of the nepotism that is the main qualification to be an elected official in Queens. Vote for Sheng - not the Meng.

Sheng is the only candidate who is running on the platform that Congress is broken and that the #1 priority of any person running for Congress in 2012 must be to support a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v. FEC.

Queens Crapper said...

I always laugh when people say the commenters on this site are racist. I guess they've never been anywhere else on the internet, including the mainstream media's websites, and read the comments.

Anonymous said...

i completely agree with Q.C. on this racist subject.

one only has to read the M.S.M misinformation/omissions of evidence photos,and doctoring of 911 cell transcripts for the six weeks of the zimmerman/martin case in florida.

from the W.H.rush to judgement etc,etc.

what a mess by so-called objective journalism ?

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday soon the Peoples' Republic of China take back Taiwan.

The corrupt Taiwanese will be shot and their families sent the bill for the execution accordance with Maoist tradition.

Then Floo-shing will see a big lull in the immigration of shady Taiwanese like Tommy Huang, John Liu and Jimmy Meng!

Anonymous said...

Taiwan used to be called Formosa.

Does anyone bother to study history any more?

Then the Chinese war lord General Chang Kai Sheck brought his (I hope I've spelled it right) Koo Mon Tang there.

Corruption flourished.

Many, many years afterward,
crooked Taiwanese immigrants (like Tommy Huang) descended upon Flushing like a plague of locusts.

The "good earth" there soon became polluted with crime....arson, illegal gambling, prostitution, sex slavery, etc.

So what did these Orientals contribute for the common good?

Anonymous said...

The Orientals kept the African-American population at bay...and will soon drive them out.

This was all according to plan.

Former Assemblyman
Morton C. Hillman (in the presence of Stavisky dynasty operatives and other witnesses):

"Thank God for the Asians.
We don't want Flushing to become a south Jamaica".

There you have it.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 24:

More than what you have, most likely.