Saturday, April 14, 2012

Preservation, Ukranian style

From Yahoo News:

Ukraine's richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, has been forced to scrap plans to build a glitzy business centre at a historic tourist site in Kiev after a public outcry in which he was accused of "spitting on the soul" of the capital.

Protests by several hundred people brought a rare dose of bad publicity for the 45-year-old steel and coal tycoon who normally shuns the public limelight but is one of the most influential political players in the ex-Soviet republic.

Several hundred protesters, alerted by the social networking site Facebook, turned out to rally on Wednesday night against plans by the billionaire's System Capital Management (SCM) company to build a multi-storey business centre on "Andriyivsky Descent", a picturesque cobbled street and one of Ukraine's best-known tourist spots.

But the protests came too late to stop bulldozers from destroying at least one 19th century building and wrecking another built 40 years ago in mock 19th century style, cultural officials said.

Chanting "(Put) Akhmetov down a mine shaft !" and "Get Akhmetov out of town", several protesters dumped building material near SCM headquarters to signify their disgust.

"They have come here and brutally turned things into a pig-sty," said Olexander Serhiyenko, a member of a Kiev civic organisation. "They have spat on the soul of Kiev with their 'Andriyivsky Plaza'", he said.


Ned said...

No need to go to Kiev.
You can find the EXACT same shit on every once beautiful and green property the Persians have bought from Great Neck to Bayside.
All that's missing in this photo are some Black and Peal colored Benz's.
These savages American dream is our worst nightmare !

Has anybody seen a thoroughly middle class Persian, Bukarian or any that work ?
Diamonds, body parts or gray market electronic smuggling perhaps ?
Somebody please enlighten me.


Queens Crapper said...

That wasn't the point I was trying to make with this post. In Russia, the public takes preservation a lot more seriously than we do here. Here, we shrug our shoulders and say it was a shame to lose something.

Anonymous said...

Where's that kind of piss and vinegar being shown in Queens?

Nowhere that we can see!

Let's take a random look around the borough.

The Rego-Forest Preservation Council:
Wah, wah, us plant some sapling trees.

The real saps are many of the Queens "preservationists" (living inside their bubbles)...afraid of their own shadows...or of being pushed away from burro hall's funding.

Another example is
the Queens Hysterical Society.

a bunch of boobs who who put on mediocre exhibits of limited interest.

But their leaders enjoy flaunting their titles around because they think it gives them some "Klass".

You anemic fags make real warriors puke!

Jerry Rotondi said...

Point well made, "Queens Crapper"!

Even under the Soviet regime, Catherine The Great's (winter?) palace was completely rebuilt after it had been almost totally destroyed during wartime.

Do you think that Donald Manes or his accomplice Claire Shulman gave a crap about historic preservation?

They certainly did not!

It was the Shul-Manes administration that set the tone for the obliteration of Queens' history that followed.

The blood of RKO Keith's Flushing Theatre is on both their hands.

Tommy Huang was merely their demolition contractor!

Joe said...

Where's that kind of piss and vinegar being shown in Queens?

NOTHING, and it not only in Queens !!
Unlike the folks in Kiev people & polititions have no balls or stomach to lock horns with them. Too afraid of being called a "racist" against these rich refugees and being sued.
These people send their kids to law school or all have crooked lawyers in there US colonys like Great Neck. The people doing this damage are immigrants. --Russian & Mid Eastern Jewish immigrants unhappy with there government back home.
They are war like people who want to live like they did back home. Pissing everybody off around them !
Fighting them is expensive and these people actually look forward to a good fight.
Thats a huge part of the problem.

I had a problem in Manhasset.
A private "chat" with the whore real estate agent fixed the problem.
She was bringing "savages" around to get the 90 year old woman who lives on the dead end behind my parents house to sell her 120 year Dutch Colonial sitting on 2 acres.
These buyers were showing up in a mobs of perhaps 14+ people who didnt even go INTO the house.
The first thing they did was look up at the trees then pop a Measuring Wheel out the trunk of a black Benz
This greedy bitch real estate agent who is know around town as "the block buster" was grinning the whole time.
I wanted to jump over the fence and choke her.
--It just so happens she lost one of her licence plates so I called the local police pct to get the information and showed up at HER HOUSE to return it.
---The problem stopped said...

Tjoe, I vood akree vit you if I cud only unnerstan vat you vere talking about. Hahr-hahr.

Jerry Rotondi said...

read "City For Sale".
It's both enlightening and depressing.

Who's interested in writing a follow up--"Country for Sale"?