Monday, April 23, 2012

Port Authority kills anything that moves

From the NY Post:

Birds aren’t the only hazard to planes at JFK. The airport is teeming with bunnies which can hop out onto runways in front of a plane or simply draw birds of prey.

Ninety-nine wascally wabbits and hares were shotgunned at JFK last year by Elmer Fudd firing squads comprised of Port Authority and USDA workers.

“It’s open season at the airport to shoot rabbits,” said Steven Garber, a biologist and consultant for wildlife management at airports.

A new federal wildlife assessment of the airport recommends “regularly” killing Eastern cottontails and black-tailed jackrabbits “to decrease the prey base on the airfield.”

Rabbits have been cited in three minor US plane crashes in the last 30 years, National Transportation Safety Board records show.

Wildlife is a constant nuisance at the 4,930-acre Kennedy, which borders Jamaica Bay across from Gateway national park.


Anonymous said...

No problem here. Kill away. Better critters than a plane load of people, right? How about a fully fueled-plane, loaded with people going down in a crowded Queens neighborhood? Kill 'em all PA. Kill 'em all.

Anonymous said...

"What's up, doc?"

Anonymous said...

Big Question:

How can we encourage a wetland natural habitat next to one of the most polluting noisy products of modern cultural: an airport.

Queens Crapper said...

How about finding ways to control animal populations that doesn't include killing? Trap, spay, neuter, birth control laced food pellets, etc.

Bugs Bunny said...

Duck Season!!!

Anonymous said...

"How about finding ways to control animal populations that doesn't include killing? Trap, spay, neuter, birth control laced food pellets, etc."

Right on, Crapper!!!

Bugsy Valone said...

Anyone wanna buy a lucky rabbit's foot??!!?!

Anonymous said...

Birth control laced food pellets? Love you Crappy, but you may want to rethink advocating the mass release of hormones into a marshland ecosystem. It's bad enough that we dump our synthetic hormone-laden sewage overflow into the bay. And bunny fixing? Imagine seeing that line on the PA budget.

Controlling a prolifically breeding rodent is hard enough as it is. Afraid for bunny lovers that in this case sending the men out with shotguns might be the most humane, cost-effective method of rabbit control. I do hope they harvest the meat, because rabbit sure is good eats.

Queens Crapper said...

They already do the BC with pigeons, rats and deer, so why not rabbits?

Queens Crapper said...

They can also use dogs or falcons to chase them away.

Auntie Invasion said...

stop w/ the pellets laced w/ birth control/hormones for both bunnies and pigeons.

If this was advocated for people, such as illegal immigrants whose contribution to our society are the millions of Jackpot/Anchor Babies, you folks would have a lot to say about that. I'm for tortilla's laces w/ birth control. or rice laced w/ birth control.

Strange how illegal aliens lose no sleep over ZPG (Zero Population Growth) or their carbon foot print?
Why are only white people suppose to care about these things including recycling? you think the Mexican's in Corona recycle?

Anonymous said...

So now the Port Authority is trying to get rid of public hare. What next???

If the Port Authority is so concerned about safety, perhaps someone can explain how a garbage transfer station was built at the end of a LaGuardia runway? Heard about any bird strikes recently?

Joe said...

The birth control should be done to the drinking water supply.
These south the border immigrants refuse to use contraception and cant control themselves.
Take a drive down Grand ave or Fresh pond road. It countless fence jumpers pushing baby carriages with 3+ in tow cackling in Spanish.
By beloved neighborhood has been beaten like a pinata and going to pueblo hell. Far more damage then some crap French built fly by wire A-300 coming down.
All them cheap 1/2 plastic composite airplanes are gonna start failing and coming down anyway. The airlines are to broke to maintaining and constantly inspect them.
It wont be long