Thursday, April 19, 2012

Because Park Slope needed more protection...

From the NY Times:

Park Slope, already home to the biggest historic district in Brooklyn, now contains the largest contiguous swath of protected buildings in the entire city.

The city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a 600-property extension to the Park Slope Historic District on Tuesday, creating an unbroken stretch of 2,575 buildings — more than the historic districts in Greenwich Village (2,315 buildings) and the Upper West Side (2,020 buildings).

The Park Slope Historic District Extension includes all or part of about 40 blocks in the southeast corner of the neighborhood, most of them along Seventh and Eighth Avenues between Seventh and 15th Streets. Two pieces of the extension border Prospect Park.

The buildings — most of them row houses — in the extension were mostly completed by 1910. The most numerous are in the “neo-Grec” style, though there are many other styles represented.


Anonymous said...

The rich get richer...
while poor Queens continues
to get butt fucked by the LPC's
Betts-Tierney team.

Scuttle the landmarks law and put all 5 boroughs in the same boat without life preservers!

Anonymous said...

They "protected" a few blocks in Ridgewood. Whoopie.

Anonymous said...

And deserving national historic district Broadway-Flushing sits there like a spurned lover.

FU in spades...
Bloomberg, Betts and Tierney!

Soon we'll have a new mayor.
We can wait.