Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fraud eyed in 911 overhaul

From the NY Post:

The city Department of Investigation is probing the Bloomberg administration’s bungled $2 billion overhaul of the 911 emergency-call system for evidence of corruption, fraud and violations of city regulations, The Post has learned.

Agents have focused on the money trail — such as cost overruns, contract payments and other expenditures — connected with the Emergency Communications Transformation Project, which actually made the system worse than it was before.

“It’s looking at it comprehensively,” a source told The Post.

The inquiry is preliminary, and probers have not found any proof of criminal conduct, sources said.

But the DOI will open a full-blown criminal case “if the review finds possible corruption,” a source said.

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Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mikey, in his hubris-filled state has gotten a bit sloppy about hiding the sources of the ill-gotten gains of his mayoralty,a loss leader if ever there was one.His flaunting of family foundation money in offshore tax cheat havens was more than likely a trial balloon for the stashing of the quid pro quo wired kickbacks that have been the hallmark of the no-bid contract frenzy which has overtaken his operation of the city fisc.One can only hope that this proves to be the beginning of the end for this kleptocracy.Tweeding indeed!