Monday, April 23, 2012

Meeks "partying like a 1 percenter"

From the NY Post:

Gregory Meeks, one of the poorest members of Congress, continues to party like a 1 percenter.

The Queens Democrat scored coveted Super Bowl tickets in February, weeks after living it up in Las Vegas.

The good times were paid for by his campaign and political action committees, which footed the bill for plane fare, hotels, meals and tickets.

He used campaign funds to snag $19,000 worth of Super Bowl ducats, buying them from television networks, ticket brokers and the NFL, according to his recently released campaign filing.

The NFL and networks sell Super Bowl tickets at face value — $800, $900 or $1,200 — to VIPs and pols who may resell them at an inflated price to raise campaign cash.

He paid $3,625 for tickets from the NFL, a price that means he may have bought tickets to a suite at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

The ticket buying, while not illegal, has been criticized because politicians are receiving something not available to the public.

Meeks, who has held Super Bowl fund-raisers for the last five years, refused to tell The Post in February whether he would hold one for this year’s Giants-Patriots championship game.


Anonymous said...

It's not going to happen but I propose campaign funds be regulated on how the money is spent. Meeks is living large on someone's dime. Many donors expect it but small donors may not know that their hard earned cash is going to be thrown away on booze,sporting events, woman, diners, limos, luxury hotel suites and gaming!

What happened to working?

Anonymous said...

YOU voted for him, this is what you get.

Anonymous said...

is not democrat sport cheerleading grand?