Monday, April 16, 2012

Talk about strange bedfellows!

From the NY Post:

Melinda Katz always saw herself as the consummate independent New York woman — a lawyer, a lawmaker for 16 years and a rising star in the Democratic Party. In 1998, when she suffered a health scare while running for Congress, she asked a former boyfriend for a sperm donation but always planned to raise any child alone.

In 2008, at age 42, then-City Councilwoman Katz gave birth to a son, Carter. She deflected questions from reporters asking her to reveal the father’s identity.

Two years later, Katz used the same batch of frozen sperm to conceive again. But 31 weeks into her pregnancy with twins, things went horribly wrong. She underwent an emergency c-section, giving birth to one stillborn baby and a boy, Hunter, as small as the palm of her hand, who was put on a respirator to fight for his life.

Panicked and alone, Katz called the only person she wanted by her side at the time — the biological father of her children.

It was time for Curtis Sliwa to be a guardian angel again.

The law-and-order legend in the red beret had been out of Katz’s life for years, but he rushed to her side.

And when Katz returned home from the hospital to care for her 3-year-old, Sliwa camped out in the neonatal intensive-care unit for three weeks praying for his struggling son.

Today, Katz and Sliwa live together with their two healthy boys in the Forest Hills, Queens home where Katz grew up. The founder of the citizens patrol Guardian Angels and the former lawmaker say they plan to marry.

Sliwa’s famous red beret now serves a dual purpose: The Roman Catholic wears it to shul every Saturday as a yarmulke and plans to raise his sons Jewish.


georgetheatheist said...

Where's the exit? I gotta get outta here.

Suzannah B. Troy artist said...

Next he'll dump her for Christine Quinn.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on now....

Anonymous said...

I thought that Melinda was
a devout lesbian?

But I guess if Curtis didn't pork her directly, she didn't break any little girls' club rules.

Anonymous said...

When Sliwa made his test tube deposit...I wonder whose picture he was viewing for inspiration.

I'm quite certain it wasn't our pasty faced "sex goddess"...Melinda's.


Anonymous said...

Next we'll be finding out that Liz Crowley is having her uncle Joe's "love child"...or that Mayor Mike is pregnant.

Please, let me outta here...'cause I'm headed for the nearest saloon!

Anonymous said...

It think it's more like
"CUM on now".

Anonymous said...

You can count on Curtis to come to you in your time of need.

A new media sensation: Having sex and not having babies is so 20th century - having babies without sex, that's 21st century.

Waiting for comment from Lisa Evers and Mary Glada.

By, the way, most women intending to have healthy children get around to the "have babies" item on the personal to-do list before they are 44.

Anonymous said...

At first I thought "Gee What a great guy. No one would have ever known,But he's doing the right thing." But then the NY Cynic in me kicked in "Isn't he really sick with prostate cancer? I wonder if he's hooked up with her for the insurance coverage"

I mean there's got to be an ulterior motive doesn't there?

I'd rather believe He's doing the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Sliwa a sperm donor? Nah! I think that they did it the old-fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

He doesn't look good at all.

r185 said...

I though he was still married to his third wife, Mary?

Gary the Agnostic said...

The mind boggles.

georgetheatheist said...

Curtis Sliwa:

“She was the only one telling me I was going to lose [the Gotti case],” he said. “No one tells me what they think because they’re either intimidated by me, or they don’t want to upset me. I recognized she’d tell me things no one else would tell me.”

Totally wrong from this bag of bullshit.

Check out the archived Sliwa Truth revelations by the Greatest Caller Ever to Talk Radio, Frank of Queens here.

BTW, for his devoted listeners, the Great Frank of Queens is on the mend right now from major surgery but coming back to his usual fine fettle.

Frank is back.

Anonymous said...

I guess Melinda isn't the devout Jew she was when she held office in Forest Hills. What a tangled web we weave!

Anonymous said...

makes you wonder if Sliwa didn't plan the hit himself for the publicity He is coming from a family of media whores. His sister had a baby at an advanced age, all for the news. nothing else.
when is this union hating blow hard going to drop dead?

Anonymous said...

It's those kids I feel sorry for. and his other children. Somebody call CPS.
or take up donations for Sliwa's children's therapy sessions. they are gonna need professional therapy to deal w/ him as a father
yet another name in the news that has a connection to the crappy Queens sex guru, Sri Chinmoy. Sliwa's sister Maria was a disciple of Chinmoy's. As was NYC Councilmember James Gennaro

Anonymous said...

Or as a certain articulation-challenged friend of mine once called the late groovy guru- "Chewy Chimney".

Anonymous said...

So Curtis had dumped his for "spouse" and million=plus condo on east 96th st?

Now he shacks up with this woman.

Could it be that his broadcasting career has dwindled to a small AM radio station in Hackensack NJ and a once-a-week five minute gig on New York One clowning about current news stories (this BTW is call 'filler').

It's over Curtis. Hope you have feathered your nest...or know how to drive a cab.

Anonymous said...

We know that Melinda likes the ladies and maybe had an affair or two with Alan Hevesi.

But this proves she'd f--k anybody or anything that has a pulse.

Her tour de force was when, as a council member, she managed to screw her entire constituency.

What a nymphomaniac!

I wouldn't have sex with that milk face cow eyed skank
by telephone, telegraph or e-mail!

Anonymous said...

an immediate antidote to a Viagra "woodie" that refuses to deflate,
is to conjure up an image of Ms. Katz in your mind's eye.

She'd give anyone a "soft-off".

Anonymous said...

It once again shows the sorry assed lot that runs this borough, the the losers that vote for them over and over again.


Anonymous said...

hopefully none of you will ever have to experience the site of your underweight newborn fighting for it's life in the hospital "preemie "ward. that is the name given to the rooms in the 1960's.
for the young couple,the fear of disaster is constant during the weeks when the baby/babies are in God's hands.

we were blessed with our twins surviving. some like Ms.Katz and Sliwa experienced a great loss, even though the second baby lived.

the experience brings humans closer. have compassion for a change. you never know what is in store for you and yours?

Anonymous said...

When Melinda was holding office,
her district was known as "Katz's litter box".

She let every developer she was in bed with have their way with Forest Hills.