Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Council members don't pay tix on time

From the NY Post:

Don’t pay the fine, and you can’t park on the taxpayers’ dime.

Three members of the City Council found that out the hard way when their official government parking permits weren’t renewed because records showed they had unsettled summonses.

The amounts involved weren’t huge. But in two instances, the tickets were months overdue and in judgment. It didn’t take long for each legislator to pay up when contacted by The Post.

Steve Levin (D-Brooklyn) ponied up $630 to wipe out eight summonses accumulated between Jan. 11 and April 2 for four different infractions: missing or expired inspection sticker; missing equipment; failure to display muni meter receipts and parking in a no-standing zone.

Debi Rose (D-Staten Island) was snared by a red-light camera Aug. 10, 2011.

An aide said she didn’t pay the $75 fine immediately because she was fighting the ticket. But records show the summons was in judgment, meaning she lost her case and owed the money. The same was true for Ruben Wills (D-Queens), who didn’t resolve a double-parking ticket from Nov. 8, 2011, until last week.

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Anonymous said...

Parking tickets are paid rather quickly --- but what about the 600K fines levied against John Liu and Bill Thompson by the Sanitation Dept? will they ever pay up?