Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chemical invasion in Sunnyside

From the Queens Chronicle:Sunnyside residents are up in arms over fumes from auto body shops and a local refinery on 39th Street, which is already a concern to the 108th Precinct because of problems posed by double-parked cars queuing up for vehicle maintenance services.The businesses, all structurally connected on the same street, share a common wall with residential backyards on a parallel block.A group of homeowners are crying foul. They said their quality of life is being infringed upon as fumes from car spray paint guns escape into the air when not painted inside regulated spray booths, which properly filter the emissions.The residents are also concerned by visible black smoke emitting from the refinery, which creates jewelry, on the corner of the block.Gabriel Sanchez, owner of Gabriel Auto Body at 43-05 39 St., confirmed that he used to paint cars on the premises. However, he no longer does, after receiving a fine from the Department of Environmental Protection in January for $2,000.

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