Saturday, April 28, 2012

Vallone wants cab drivers to speak English

From the Queens Gazette:

Councilmember Peter F. Vallone Jr. last week blasted officials at the city Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC) for approving a plan to issue street hail permits to livery drivers – including drivers that can’t speak English.

Vallone said he is looking into legislation that would give drivers a grace period, during which they must learn to speak English. Drivers who fail to comply by the end of the grace period could lose their permit.

The TLC last week approved new rules that would allow 18,000 livery drivers to obtain permits to pick up street hails, bypassing car service companies.

The new permits will be sold in groups of 6,000 a year, beginning in June 2012, only to current livery drivers.

Existing TLC rules require drivers of yellow cabs to pass a test showing they can speak English, possess a knowledge of city geography and understand all agency rules, before they are issued a permit.


Anonymous said...

This is BS. The city is simply acknowledging they are incapable of policing medallion & TLC services. The city is in effect legalizing the illegal practices performed by these operators.

Anonymous said...

He gets my vote...
if he's for enforcing the laws requiring English language on stores, etc. signage too.

Or would that be "insensitive" to our Oriental (Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean) brothers and sisters?

Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Indian cab drivers aren't exactly a major voting block are they Mr. Vallone?

Let's see if he's willing to come down as hard on the other Asiatics.

Those phony Vallones can't be trusted to have anyone's interests but their own in mind.

Anonymous said...

What good are new laws if they will not be enforced ?

It get's worse.
I'm told by a friend in the NYPD the dopy police commissioner who put's on knee pads every time Bloomberg calls is gonna use all this nonsense and fear going on to make a sneak run for mayor.
The guy lives in Battery Park city in a tower, you can bet what Queens will be getting.

Anonymous said...

Come to Flushing Don "junior" Vallone and learn to speak Mandarin...
or (heaven forbid) lowly Cantonese.

Anonymous said...

Cantonese is older and more Classic. Stinking Mandarin is really Mongolian and related to American Indian.