Monday, April 30, 2012

There's more to this story than Dan's letting on

From the Times Ledger:

City Councilman Dan Halloran (R-Whitestone) laced up his working boots Tuesday morning and took to the vacant lot near the intersection of an abandoned corner property, at 24-19 Francis Lewis Blvd. in Whitestone, alongside property owner Robin Singh to help spread some topsoil for new greenery.

“Hopefully, with this tree the site will become a green oasis instead of the urban wasteland it has been for so long,” Halloran said. “I thank the property owner for hearing the cries of the community.“

Singh said the lot should be complete by the end of the week.

The lot has been vacant and full of vegetation and debris for years before residents and local lawmakers moved to change its image. A trademark wooden fence riddled with graffiti became a common eyesore for residents in Whitestone.

The moral of the story is: if you want to light a fire under Halloran's ass, have Tony Avella tell the media that he fixed something in Halloran's district.

BTW, if the City could find the owner and make him clean up the lot back in February, then why was Halloran only able to track him down 2 weeks ago to ask him about the fence?

And for a good laugh, watch this followup from WPIX where Halloran speaks on behalf of the owner and says he "had no idea" what kind of condition the lot was in. So he bought the lot sight unseen? Or did he win it in a poker game?

Brace yourself for the BSA application, folks!


Anonymous said...

This is the crap you pull? Halloran actually got it done and still you have a problem... Guess you like being wrong - just like ou were about Marino brothers... Truth doesn't matter to you - just your twisted conspiracy thory...

Avella was a blowhard who called a press conference- Halloran dug in to find the owner...

This site was a mess for 7 years -- who was the councilman then? Oh yea Avella who DID NOTHING.

Give it up your bias is a real joke.

Anonymous said...

"brace yourself for the B.S.A.application ,folks"

the NY Post reported last week that ex-NYC Finance Commissioner ,Martha Stark had helped appoint her aide and homosexual lover to the Board of Standards and Appeals.

how will she vote ? can she still be a member of this board ?

is not democrat dictatorship grand ?

Queens Crapper said...

So you mean to tell me that my own lying eyes missed the plywood fence when I went to the site 3 years ago to check on the construction site across the street where Halloran's office is now? All I saw on that corner site was a chainlink fence, a rusty sign and trees. This Google Map from 2008 proves me right. So it WASN'T a mess for 7 or 8 years just because Dan Halloran says it was. On top of that, I provided a link to a story which clearly states that the property was cleaned this past February, after Tony Avella contacted the Dept of Buildings and the DOB sent a violation to the owner. Please explain to me what part of that was untrue. I know you are a Halloran groupie, but facts are facts.

Queens Crapper said...

Another FACT: The fence permit was applied for in the latter half of 2009, which means it was put up in Sept or later. Tony Avella left the council Dec 31 of that year, most likely before it became a graffiti-covered eyesore. Dan Halloran has been in the council since Jan 1, 2010. The fence had been up longer under Halloran's reign than under Avella's.

But don't let facts get in the way of Dan Halloran's version of the truth.

Anonymous said...

Halloran is spreading more manure than top soil here!

And the only thing that Danny boy is ever fully aware of is that his beer mug remains filled.

Not to worry though,
his term will be over soon.

Voters, please make sure that this pathological liar never gets elected to any public office.

Maybe he'll be disbarred and wind up opening up a bar on Bell B'lvd.

Is it Sullivan's, Donovan's or Monahan & Fitzgerald that's his real district office?

Anonymous said...


Halloran with a shovel in hand?

Maybe they'll discover a body that his Whitestone Gambino crime family friends dumped there many years ago.

Anonymous said...

Dan is shoveling shit as usual.

He's become a pariah to his constituents.

Anonymous said...

Well done Dan - now strap on those boots and start digging over at Little Bay where the community actually needs it.

Anonymous said...

Someone in Dan's office should advise him NOT to tuck his shirt in his pants like that (w/o a jacket to cover his potbelly). He must be really depressed and is overeating to compensate for it. He looks a bit fatter in each new picture I see of him.

Joe - flushing said...

The site absolutely needs a Variance. Why the last owner did'nt get one...I have no idea. It's not going to be that hard of a waiver though. He has the sq footage as far as a lot goes in the R2A zoning. As for Danny; it's a photo op; nothing more. He's for some variances, and against others. He's for a MONSTER catering hall in Whitestone, but a small single family home in Bayside Hills he's against. mostly because the residents there threatened to not for him. JOKE!!

j said...


Anonymous said...

That eyesore has been staring at Halloran since he took office and he has refused to do anything until he decided he needed another gig as a do nothing elected official. And since when does citycouncil person acually do the landscaping for non residents in our community. He's a bloated joke.

Anonymous said...

someone has asked dan on his facebook post about this story if the owner was going to do anything with the property

i beleive the person asked if their were any plans in the works or if it were going be a community garden forever

he never answered i know i checked the post

joe from flushing said...

Right!!! A community garden.
Singh is going to buy the property for a 3 of 400k because he wants to treat all of us to a community garden!!!! Does anyone take that seriously??? I hope not! He'll be figuring out how to change the zoning from an R2 to commercial. Im sure danny will give him a hand with that. Then put up a commercial building.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like the crap Dans office is in now.

Anonymous said...

in Queens,it seems that a commercial business is legal on a lot facing an avenue or boulevard,even if the zoning is R-2A.

be observant on F.L.B.

Anonymous said...

That's ok soon all will be well, Matt silverstein and Debra markel will make their move on dans seat in the hopes of helping debras developer friends. Matt, we know who you are. Dan has sold us out, Vallone will help his dads clients, mat will hel debs buds, and district 19? Ah fck it, who needs it!

Queens Crapper said...

"it seems that a commercial business is legal on a lot facing an avenue or boulevard,even if the zoning is R-2A."


Anonymous said...

Took me two days to post, I couldn't stop laughing at Dan's tucked in shirt!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of tucked, Halloran looks all tuckered out from the fieldwork he's been doing.

a civic leader said...

I wish that "doofy" Dan's term
was over already.

Everybody's got his number.

His political career is cooked,
after the way he's rear-ended
his constituents.

The civic associations no longer support him...though they will not publicly say it.

Halloran will go back to ambulance chasing in Mineola...and that's fine with us.

Let Nassau County deal with this blowhard.

Anonymous said...

If I wanted to relax and booze it up
with a drinking buddy,
then Danny might be my kind of guy.

But having Dan hold any public office is rather dangerous.

He has already sold out
his council district
in favor of representing developers.

Anonymous said...

Dan's shootin' blanks again.